Friday, 10 December 2010

TH12TOC - day ten ....

Day ten already :-O where did those days go???
ahhhh they were snot filled yukky days, which T!m helped me get through :D
I feel so much better since half way through this tag I answered the door in my PJ's and dressing gown (yes it was 3pm but I'm ill!!) to be told by the delivery man "Julie, you look awful!" ..........LOL , how to make a gal feel good eh???

Shhhhh but don't tell four but this is my new fave LOL :D
I have the die woohoo, I have the embossing folder double woohoo :D I had the spare packaging - its my day :D
This was the easiest so far helped by the fact that all I had to sub was the stamp, brads and a scarf :D

are you all still enjoying?? I tell you, its the only thing getting me up in the morning and keeping me sane :D

Well after my posting yesterday about my issues witht he rosette die I ahd a few comments that it seemed a common problem!

So I contacted sizzix to see if it was a fault that had already been reported or not and got this response......

Thank you for your email. We haven't come across and faulty Rosette dies so far so I would just like to give you some tips on using your die first of all.

Of course if you still find that after following these tips that your die is still not working correctly then please get back in touch as we can then issue a returns form for you.

The Rosette die is a Sizzlit die therefore should only be used with paper or very thin card.

Any material other than this may put too much pressure on the die which may then cause your problem.

Another tip is to go against the grain of the card as this will mean that the crease lines are stronger and less likely to tear. An easy way to do this is to turn the paper on a slight angle when feeding it through the machine.

By folding the crease line away from the groove will also keep the strength within the crease fold.
I will try this and let you know guys, but can you let meknow how you get on too and any solutions you come up with :D
I thought about adding an extra piece of paper in the sandwich so it doesn't cut as deep - but we will see how it goes...

Right off to add a link to ArtyJen who is hopefully enjoying her birthday trip, and the artistic stamper :D

Julie xx


  1. Lovely tag, I don't have the die so don't have the problem you have; I do however have finger sprains from scoring and folding tiny v's!

  2. ohhh your tag came out so cute!!!! love it.

  3. Its great when you have the tool for the job :D
    your tag turned out super, what packaging did you use, it looks like it has almost a frosted finish. I like it :D x

  4. Super gorgeous Julie, as I'm sure you were, in your PJs! The delivery man obviously needs glasses! Lol! x

  5. I love your tag! I haven't got either the die or the snowflake folder, although I do have a Cuttlebug one!! Thanks for the tip about the rosette die, mine is on it's way to me (!!) so I will see how I get on.

  6. Another fabulous tag and I love the frosty look. I was very intrigued how Tim got the effect and hope I can do it too.
    Hope you feel a lot better soon too.

  7. I dont have the day either but thankyou for sharing the information I am sure it will be helpful to many people, I love the way your tag turned out, hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  8. Gorgeous Tag, not one of my favourites today! although it was a bit quicker to do. Only 2 more - what will we do then?
    Donna x

  9. Your tag turned out fantastic, good job! It is great when you actually have the materials to play along! I was lucky that someone had sent me some of the snowman die cuts, my stash of them is swiftly dwindling though! I hope you feel better soon and enjoy the last two days of the tags!!

  10. Wonderful take on day 10, sure hope your delivery person brought you something good! Hope you are feeling better :)

  11. A gorgeous tag - and looks great with the snowflake die. Glad you had one day with all the "bits"!

  12. It does make things so much easier when you have the right toys to play with but sometime the fun is in the trying to improvise. Another lovely tag Julie - glad to hear you are feeling a bit better (((hugs)))

    Toni :o)

  13. A fabulous tag Julie. I have never fancied the rosette die, but now can't make up my mind. Would I use it much !!


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