Saturday, 31 October 2009

WOooOoooOOOOoooooooo .....

Happy Halloween :D
I'm all ready for watching Most Haunted much to DH's disgust and he has been and bought some 20p mixes from the shop and is on door duty LOL
My visit to Morecambe Winter Gardens for MHL was fabby on Thursday night and I even had a little experience ooooooooooo :D

Meeting Stu (who does have a little bit of hair!!!)

Meeting Cieran (much taller thank you think haha :D)

Its such a beautiful building and I find it hard to believe that it has been left to get in to the state it is now!
Luckily it now has friends ;) check out the website here :D

I was seeing orbs on the right of me and I'm sure I saw something on the balcony, and my niece was getting blowing in her right ear!!
Then at the end I was taking some pics down by the stage and up of the balcony and I felt light fingers drumming on my shoulder , but there wasn't anybody behind me :o can anybody explain that one away????

Was a bit disappointed to find that the Tessler/Farraday cage experiment was a bit of a sham!! told DH about it and he explained that Faraday cages keep you safe :o They are what high voltage cable workers use while they are working!! check this guy out apparently its built in to their suits :D

Even Google has gone halloweeny -check out the homepage and click the e a few times
why does this happen?? when i post a link ??? Its very annoying!!!
I can't see whats altered on the top Grrrrr

Happy Hauntings
J xx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

SECC and the case of the missing Minnie Mouse ears.....

Well yesterday was a fun but very looonnngggggg day!!
DH was lovely and kindly agreed to take me up to Glasgow to the Hobbycraft show at the SECC :D Only catch being he wanted to be home for 3.00 pm so that he could watch the footie :D so with a 2 1/2 hour journey ahead we left the house at 7.30 am :o on a Saturday??? I didn't know that time existed!!!
Had a fab time at the show, although it was really busy even at 10 am and a little bit overwhelming for somebody not used to going to shows LOL and it was VERY HOT!!!

I got some fabby bargains though - 12 rolls of DST for £5, 50 sheets of Bazzill for £9 and Fancy Pants chipboard for £5 WOW!!!

There was a fab man with loads of MDF products and he had mini albums for £3 :o he had loads of alterable items but the poor guy was on his own and swamped so I didn't get a really good look at his stuff, but if you are going to the NEC in November I would definitely look for him ;)

I was disappointed at the range of Prima products though as these are my faves and a lot of things were more aimed at cardmakers.
I could have met the lovely Dawn Bibby (?) if I so wished, but didn't LOL - I can live without a meeting with the "Queen of craft"
I fell in love with the memory glass examples on the Snazzy stand and will be having a go at that technique when I feel like getting messy LOL

I have never seen so many beautiful beads either, and if you are a fan of Troll/Pandora beads etc.. there was a very good range of very cheap alternatives but the stalls were heaving LOL
Having looked at other people purchases on the UKS forum I missed quite a few fabby items but I did have to leave at 12.00 to meet DH.

A highlight for me was I finally got to meet one of my forum friends Chrissy aka Kikkimama23 - it was lovely meeting if you read this, even if it was brief!!! and yes I agree so nice to put a voice to the piccys LOL

The case of the missing Minnie ears......
it was my nieces 21st Birthday Fancy dress party last night and I decided to wear the Minnie Mouse outfit I wore for Solfest in 2008 - its a proper Disney one so really cute :D
I got it out on Friday night and the ears were missing :o panic, panic, panic !!! I posted on FB and had some very funny comments and the prime suspects in their disappearance were Cal, Rolo and Paul LMAO nobody owned up though and I thought I was going to have to improvise and make my own!!!

Thankfully, my lovely hubby Paul took pity on me and while I was at the craft show went in to Glasgow and eventually found the Disney store and bought some more :D He also tried to get me a nice surprise, my Snow Fairy from Lush, but that ended in disaster as he eventually found the shop and it had relocated by which time it was totally chucking it down!!!
He eventually got back to the SECC like a drowned rat :(

The weather was horrendous all the way home, strong window and awful rain , but we made it back in time for him to see the match :D

Next challenge - minnies shoes
I had ordered some lovely yellow ones from e-bay but they tried to deliver them while I was at Glasgow and then held them hostage at the sorting office until Monday :(
So next thing was to run up town to find an alternative - I ended up with a fab sparkly red pair from work :D they are so pretty and twinkly :D

Well its been an action packed night!! X-Factor (joke!!), Most Haunted Live, and waiting for the cybercrop forum to go live on UKS :o I'm getting repetitive trsain from refreshinhg!!! :o

hugs'n'tired snogs,
J xx Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Blog Candy alert...!!!!

Ooooooo check out this beautiful LO by Ruth on the Happy Daze DT blog
Not only is it gorgeous and inspirational, its made from the page kit Moira has put together for just £4.20 :o it has yummy 7gypsies paper and prima bling :o

AND the even better news is if you pop over to the blog you will find details of how you can win this lush kit AND £15 to spend at Happy Daze :o - Quick run!!!!
If your not in it you can't win it ;)
J xx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Own up...

who kept those blasted ridiculous twins on the X-Factor???? shame on you!!!!!
Loved Whitneys song but was disappointed with her interview, she didn't give a good impression despite the wardrobe malfunction!!
I'm glad Simon kept Rachel in, think she was way better on the night :D

Oooooo so excited :D DH is going to take me to the Hobbycraft show at the SECC in Glasgow next Saturday AND its payday this week LOL woop woop :D
Mwahahhhhhahhhhh!!!!! :D I got in to trouble last time I went though for spending too much money in very little time :o LOL
I'm much more savvy now LOL

Well not too much done today I've been mostly looking for images etc.. to use on my printers tray.
I had a bit of an issue because I want to attach some fabby chandelier crystals I rescued from work, but couldn't work out how to attach them so that they dangle, but DH assures me he can drill the dividers and is bringing a drill home (when he remembers LOL)

Docs tomorrow and should be back at work on Tuesday, just need to negotiate what I'm able to do without injuring myself ;)

My e-tickets have also arrived for Most Haunted Live and I'm sooooooo excited :D
Wow there are lots of rules though LOL, need to time my pee's to the ads, oh well nowt different to home except I can't live pause :D

J xx

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Printers tray

I have been working on this today - trouble is I spent ages trying to get my edges right then realised that wasn't what I wanted it to look like :(

It looked really harsh and not me at all :o
so I bought these images(166 for women only) yesterday from itkuppilishop and printed the central images on safmat - cute eh :D

It took a bit of doing but I'm loving it again LOL :D#

Now I just need to decide what miniatures I want to add to it - I can see me doing morer than one of these because I'm loving it now :D

Hugs'n'grungey snogs,
J xx

Prima Picks...

Check out this months scrummy picks here
Oh to have lots o money and buy all of the gorgeousness of Prima - I can dream can't I LOL

Julie xx

Friday, 16 October 2009

Pretty post today :D

Oh my goodness, I posted a comment about how much I loved this tag, and the wonderful Effie sent me it - isn't she beautiful!!! She is so tactile and beautiful in real life and I'm so happy she has come to stay :D
Now do I frame her or make herpart of my printers tray? I was going to hang her from my wardrobe handle vut I don't want her getting damaged!!.
If you haven't visited Effies blog, please do, its full of wonerful inspiration and is such a pretty blog to look at :D
thank you so much Effie :D
J xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Oooo fabby blog candy...

Take a look at Lindas blog here for some fab blog candy including some lush stamps -ooooo hope its me LOL

Had a bad day today and banged my head at work, so no crafting today:(

J xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Well its not quite as tidy as last week is it LOL
The printers tray is in the very early stages, but at least it isstarted LOL
Ooooo note the yummy new Fluer danseur Adagio Primas on my desk - yum yum :D
and a cute little birdhouse which have both just arrived today - thanks Moira :D

We are all here at last :D how fab does the new blog look:D

And OMG!!!! I have just received an e-mail to say I have tickets for Most Haunted Live at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe on the 28th :o i'm sooooooo excited :D
Hugs'n'haunted snogs,
J xx :o

Monday, 12 October 2009

Received an award today......

..... a blog one of course LOL have a look at Shozzys place here LOL

Ok so it is in fives ... Just fulfill the normal courtesies of contacting the giver and 5 recipients .... then list 5 things you are addicted to ...easy really but if you don't have the time ....or cant do links ...I really understand ...just accept the award which is sent with love.

Stands up and says to group "I am addicted to.....

1. Prima - anything Prima, I love love love it :D I love the flowers, pretty swirls, crystals, papers - you name it!!!
2. Accesories - I was going to say shoes, but I love bags, jewellery, scarves, hats, tights (of the pretty variety like these ones which are on their way to me :D )- they never let you down, they always fit no matter if you have put weight on :D
3. My hubby and dog, they keep me happy and grounded and always support me ( much like the tights LOL)
4.sweet things mmmmmmmm especially fizzy and rubbish sweets like cola bottles
5.Crafting, any kind - scrapping, jewellery making, altering, anything new

So whats your addictions.....

J xx

P.S just for Kay, here's a teeny peek of my printers tray and some stamps I bought to go with it :) - sorry all I have at the mo LOL

The Snow Fairy is back :D

Roll on payday

J xx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

ooooooooooo :D

oooo look, look look - I won Craft Fairys blog candy :D

Are you getting ready for Christmas yet?? My Countdown project spurred Toni on to finishing here planner, check it out here. She has used the free downloadable Jane Dean pages on the papercraft inspiration website and made a lovely job of it don't you think :D
I have ordered this cute little bird house to decorate with my scrummy eskimo kisses and stamps so can't wait for that to arrive next week :D

Well I decided to make a start on my printers tray today (already have one splinter - ouch!!) spurred on by Moira receiving the beautiful Fleur Danseur Adagio Primas I need for it - cant wait to see these in real life :D
So I have been busy painting the frame black and all the little edges of the dividers - the rest will be a working progress as it depends whats going in as to what colour they will be LOL
I have also painted the dolls house mannequin and hat stand black ready to go in, had to cut the hat stand down though because there isn't much room in the little boxes.
So now its looking for lots of little things to go in to the compartments

OMG did you watch Tarrant lets the kids loose on watch at 6pm??? It was sooooooo funny :D

Oh I'm so disappointed with X -factor what happened with Rachel at the bottom??? well at least the right one went home!!! but it should have been the Tin Tin Twins with them!!!


J xx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

These aren't just any cupcakes...

They are M&S scrummy strawberry and vanilla cupcakes with the added bonus of supporting Breakthrough Breast cancer charity mmmmmmmm - guilt free :D
I had to take a pic to scrap because they are just soooooo pretty!! LOLwell after last nights mammoth creation of the countdown box my area was left a little bit devastated!!!
My storage has been doing my head in too as it got a little bit out of control - too many hanging bulky packs that were falling off all the time!!!
So all my pretty brads, even the BG glazed ones, are now off the cards and in to a divided storage box and all the iddy biddy brads that were languishing in loads of space are now tucked up safe and sound in a craft mates little caddy - which is better as the little boxes lock :) Let me tell you, some of those brads are quite vicious!!! The Laura Ashley fabric ones are really sharp :o and unlike the BG ones which are straight, these are all bent to stay on the backing card :o my fingers hurt now!!!

The American Crafts buttons I bought from QVC at a Bargain price are now de-carded and safely stored in a compartment - I had to cut round each one on the acetate as they are self adhesive - but they take up sooooo much less room :D

How do you all store chipboard??? It takes up so much room, and I ahve recently bought some grungeboard and can't decide how to store that either - the backs are so bulky, any suggestions Linda??? LOL

Hugs'n' guilt free snogs,
Julie xx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Sleeps til Chrimbo

I Have to share now because I'm so pleased with this :D

This started life as a Prima flower box, now its a sleeps til Chrmbo countdown
I used
Basic grey eskimo kisses papers and stamps and letters/numbers Dew drop inkpads
Prima flowers, pearls and crystals
nylon thread
sticky foam fixers
Glitter cardstock
Tags from stationers
on small Bookrings
Battery lights from ikea

New DT Layouts :D

This is what I was working on last night ...

I kinda got carried away with the gorgeous Cosmo Cricket Earth Love in this kit from Happy Daze and didn't use any of the embellies on this first page LOL The paper is just gorgeous and quite retro so I used this pick of me over watering my mums roses LOL :D
I added a doodled edge and doodled stitches to finish it off.

The second LO uses the embellies ....mmmmmmm Jenni Bowlin buttons..... yummy :DI used a piece of cream cardstock to my kit from my stash
I inked the edges then used Ranger crackle glaze on them, when dry I added more brown ink.
All the pieces of paper are cut randomly with a pair of scissors and inked and the flower centres are cut from the PP.
I used Safmat from my stash for the printed title - not to self, it works much better and doesn't smudge if you print it on the safmat not the backing paper ;) it took 3 attempts to realise that Doh!!!!
I also used my cutie Prima tassel stamp with Versa magic ink.

If you are feeling generous and want to help a worthy cause check out this Class for cause on the Prima blog, think I might sign up for this one :)

Now how average do you feel?? check out MLIA dor some funny, probably totally untrue statements, some make me giggle :D

Hugs'n earth lovin snogs ;)

J xx
P.S don't forget Milly ;)

Thursday, 8 October 2009


it is now 22.50 and I have just realised the lovely pan of lentil bacon and cabbage soup I made has been on number 1 on the hob since 18.oo!!!! woopsie!! LOL oh well, no use crying over burnt soup - at least my Circulon pans are easy to clean LOL!!!

Its week 41 of Scrap Like You Mean it and its Shimelles birthday today ( Happy birthday Shimelle:D ) in honour of this, this weeks challenge is.... scrap a birthday :D
So I scrapped a really cute pic I found last night of my Great Niece Emmas first birthday (shes 14 now BTW LOL)I used my Sassafras Me likey papers (available at Happy Daze) some ribbon and buttons from my stash Brenda Pinnick chipboard letters and a cute little Doodlebug cupcake brad :D

Thinking of making Chrimbo prezzies this year??? Check out these Cookies in a jar - yum, yum, yum :D I'm quite tempted to have a go at these, they are really cute :D
And according to Tigs on UKS Asda sells appropriate jars for £1 each ;)

For fans of Kwai check out Parasol - a free downloadable mag from A print a day - don't be put off by the scarey cover!!!
There's a lovely tutorial for fabric flowers on page 50 which I really want to have a go at :D

I have finished two LO's tonight from my next DT mission page kit - yes that's Two LO's from one page kit!!! and I still have some paper left over :D - I did add an extra piece of cardstock though :)
I'll take photos tomorrow and share them with you ;)

Hugs'n'uber busy scrapping snogs :D
J xx

P.S. don't forget to keep sending balloons for Milly ;)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

OMG amazing blog candy!!!

I have just stumbled upon Jaks gorgeous Blog while hopping and discovered this amazing blog candy!!!!

I think I could give that a home, how about you ;)

J xx

First DT project :D

This is my first ever DT project using the lovely MME Andrea Victoria page kit available here for just £5.25 :o from Happy Daze - I still have loads of bits left to use too :D

Its the first time I have worked on a kit like this and just used what was in it, I'm used to just grabbing what I want out of my cupboard but I really enjoyed it :D
When I first saw the photos I loved them but wasn't sure how to make them work with my style, but I loved how it turned out :D
I used my cricut Home Decor cart to cut out the frame, branch, birds and flowers out of the cardstock, but made sure I started further in the sheet so that I could cut out the frame to use as a backing for my distressed paper.
I cut down the full sheet of PP and wet the edges then roughed them up with my file, then inked to give my usual grungey look.
I tend to use colourbox chalk inkpads because I like that they show up even on dark cardstock.
I think inking the edges give the PP shapes definition against the busy background.
I LURRVVE primas as you know and was delighted to see the Camelot roses as I don't have those ones LOL
I grouped the prima pearls and gems together to resemble berries - I always think things look better using the rule of odd numbers, just more pleasing to the eye :)- and also used them as centres for my Cricut cut blossoms.
Originally I was just going to put the photo straight in the frame, but it looked a bit boring, so I cut it down and created a grunget distressed PP fram withing the frame I just wet the edges, then rolled and distressed with a file, then inked of course LOL

The only thing I added of my own was the "mum" letters stamped with a little Prima alpha set which I love :D

I'm really pleased that it still looks my style :D

Hugs'n' snogs,
J xx

Edited to add just for you Angie heres my WOYWW - Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday

LOL this is pretty tidy for me to be honest :D I can actually see my cutting mat and I give it a quick wipe last night LOL :D

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Psssttt its a secret...

so I can't show you yet LOL
I've been working on my ATC's today for the Vintage Winged Beauty ATC sawp on UKS - this really excited me as I love vintage art photos and love the pics with wings. I didn't choose one like that though haha :D
I used Safmat for the first time tonight and I likeit!!! I used it with some Prima fancies which are really cute printables you put behind Got flowers :D
I'll show you soon :D
If your very quick you will see me showcased on the ATDML homepage here , not sure how long it will be there for though LOL, but fingers crossed, I might win the comp :D

What on earth happened on X factor tonight??? I'm gutted at some of the acts that have been eliminated tonight :( And what on earth was Louie thinking putting those horrendous twins through!!! OMG!!! I can't believe they got through yet the two girls in the over 30's didn't :(

I entered my mum and dads wedding LO for the Prima comp today too - thats an ordeal - you have to list product numbers of what you have used .

hugs'n'hopefull snogs,
J xx

Jess in Devon

I forgot to post this LO :o
Probably because I was struggling to get a decent picture because of my lighting issue!!!
This is my little niece Jess on her first beach holiday in Devon last month - can you believe that was September?? Weather is gorgeous!!!
I kinda got the idea of a Punch and Judy stand as inspiration and i quite like how it turned out :D
I used Sassafras Me likey (available from Happy Daze) and bobble trim from my stash with lots of 3d foam for depth :D

Hope you likey too :D

J xx

Lets help Millie....

I spotted this posted on UKS and we need to help this little girl ......

Over on theDIBB we are trying to win a competition to send a little girl, who has been living a nightmare for most of her life, to Disneyland Paris. She has been nominated by a DIBB member called Babybelle who said this.

"She is only 6 and since January this year she has had neurosurgery, several shunts inserted and removed and about eight lumber punctures. The wee soul has had about 13 anaesthetics this year alone.

This lovely little girl has had epilepsy since birth but has been seizure free sincer her op in Jan. She has limited mobility and learning difficulties (bit like my own DD) and because of this has never had a birthday party.

Her parents are already planning a trip next April for her birthday and I would love to help them realise that dream."

To find out more about Millie read these news articles:

Watch a video here

The competition is based on Disney/Pixar's UP and by participating you launch virtual balloons. Whoever has the most balloons by the end of the competition (26th November) wins.

To win the competition for her we all have to visit this site

You can only launch new balloons once per day but If you have several computers in the house you can send balloons from all of them, also if you have more than one browser on your computer you can send balloons from each of them.

By the way in one day we are already at 2nd place on the leader board but the leader is giving us quite a run and is a long way ahead. Please vote everyday and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Prima build a page

I decided to have a go at the Prima build a page sketch challenge that was posted today and this was the result. I'm not sure if you have to use all prima products but as I love them so much I did :D oh and guess what ...... its vintage LOL

I used
Prima IOD Rue 88 collection Rendezvous and Feuilles patterend papers
Prima ribbon, lace, trellis roses, e-line daises, embossed chipbard shapes,pearl swirl and centres and stamp.
The Doiley is from Laura Ashley and was a little bit big so I cut a layer off
I also used a pin, charm and fern from my stash.
I have to say I love this LO :D

Now I just need to work out where to put it on the Prima site LOL

J xx

Blog Candy alert...

in honour of World card making day Craft Fairy is giving away a lovely prize here

Good luck ;)
J xx

Friday, 2 October 2009

Me - or at least a mini me :D

I love these papers from Sassafras called Vintage Beauty. They are all like retro material and remind me of the dresses that my mum made me when I was a little girl. My instant thought were this pic of me in my little orange and white dress :D

I used

Sassafras Vintage Beauty papers,

Pink Bazzil
scraps of MM and Scribble Scrabble papers
DCWV stitches and Fancy Pants simplicity rubons

Fancy Pants pin
Various buttons and trims from my stash

The papers are available from Happy Daze if you also fall in love with their retro charm :D

Hugs'n'retro snogs,
Julie xxxx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Summer Fun

Ok, Ok, I know its not summer anymore but my brother and his ickle family have just been on hols down south and have some fabby new pics of thier little munchkin :D
I thoughtI would take the chance of using some lush Sassafras papers called Me Likey :D
They are bright and colourful and perfect for ickle people pics :D

I used Kraft cardstock scribbled on with coloured pencils
Sassafrass Lass Me Likey cardstock and stickers
Pieces of scrap vellum
Bobble trim
MLS mini alphas
fabric letters from my stash that i have had so long I have no idea where they are from!!!
and I inked the edges with Colorbox chalk inks.

Me Likey is available from Happy Daze here

I think Jess may have had a litttttle bit ofhelp with that sandcastle LOL

J xx


Week 40's challenge is to scrap in Autumnul colours, I was a bit worried because I have a serious lack of anything Autmnul!!
Then I remembered this amazing pic taken at Solfest by Paul White of Silloth who kindly gave me permission to use his photos :D

I used
K & Co Que Serasera paper
Prima Belle Fleur, Essentials fancies and tape
part of a broken watch strap (DKNY no less :lol:)
Various buttons and eyelets
Fibres - OMG I got the fibres out :lol:
A chandelier earring finding
Don't know who the chipboard shape is by sorry as it was in a kit I bought secondhand.