Sunday, 22 June 2014

Totally Tropical Necklace

Foof...Fooooooffff....just blowing the cobwebs out of my long lost blog :D

I am creeping back in to my crafting...under the influence of!!!
Seriously.....what an inspirational shopping channel, that just gets better and better :D

I bought a kit last week with the red agate cala lily beads and orange, pink and blue quartz in it....they match perfectly the suedette cords I also bought there quite a while ago.

a simple design, but really striking with the lush coloured gemstones, which just happen to match one of my fave summer max dresses :D Win, win :D

Julie xx

Friday, 24 January 2014

Wire wrapped Flourite

Well I haven't played with my wire, or any jewellery making supplies for a while and was determined to at least make one thing on my weeks holiday!

I'm pretty pleased with this wire wrapped pendant as it is smaller flourite beads I have used rather than one focal gem stone.

What I like most about this pendant is that its wearable both ways, has dimension and also movement :D

I made another pendant too, but I think that one might get deconstructed LOL

Anyway, at least I made one thing :D

Julie xx

Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry I'm a bit late... but you know what I'm like LOL :D
well I come bearing news too....

I will be attending The Mad Hatters Tea Party on the 19th of April at Chill Out Community Centre - St Gregory's & St Patrick's School Esk Avenue, Mirehouse.
If you want to see what its all about visit the facebook page HERE

So guess who's going to be busy for a couple of months getting prepped?? ME lol :D

Julie xx