Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pieces of me...

I have started a mini album using an embossed Prima chipboard album.
I have decided to call it Pieces of me - I plan to decorate the cover with jigsaw pieces and use a piece on every page.
I have loads of fab vintage pics of my ancestors and thought it would be nice to make an album with just them, as they are all the little pieces that make up me :D

This is the first page I have made with a pic of my mum ....

Extremely warm hugs'n'snogs

Julie xx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Marley and me....

Well it was a beautiful day today so we took Rolo for a trip to Ennerdale, one of my fave places as it's so unspoiled :D just a tiny village, a campsite and a beautiful lake and scenery :D
The carpark was quite full today and by full there was aroun 50 cars - it's a hidden gem away from the tourist track so shhhhh don't tell :D
Rolo had a fab time swimming and met a few new friends, the main one being Marley, a one year old retriever - they got on like a house on fire and were so cute runninga round and playing together. Marley isn't a swimmer yet so Rolo swam out for the sticks followed by Marley as far as he could wade then Marley would bring the stick in LOL - kinda like a relay race haha :D

It really made us think wouldn't it be nice to have a friend for Rolo.....hmmm????
There wasn't a single bark or snarl between all four dogs :D

Sunny hugs 'n'snogs :D

Julie xx

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

....Oh my goodness!!!
Busy at work!! I have been working at Carlisle as they have had a major visit today from the directors!! worked lots of hours and very tired!!

and my poor pooch :( paul came to meet me at the train station on Monday and played with the dog on the wasteground next to the station - poor wee fellow took the skin off his pads running around :( He has been a very good boy and laid patiently while we bathed his feet with saline and didn't rip off the socks we taped to his feet thankfully!!
We went to see the nice vet, much to Rolos disgust, and she said they were starting to heal :D YIPEE :D so he has pain killers so he can put some weight on his tootsies :D

Ok, here's my scrapping efforts for thsi week - this is a pic of my mum as a young girl which she had a negative made, I scanned and then printed in a much bigger format - the original is teeny :o
The scowl is so like so many pics of me as a child LOL

Swine flu free hugs'n'snogs,
Julie xx

Sunday, 3 May 2009

all aboard!!!

the Skylark LOL ( if you can remember Noah and Nelly LOL)
caught this little cutie when we were walking the dog yesterday :D

had trouble identifying it because it looks more grey but is actually brown.

This was me playing with my new camera :D

Julie xx

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Happy INSD!!!

... a bit late I suppose but happ INSD :D
for any hybrid or digi scrappers there are some amazing freebies floating around the web :) I'm busy downlaoding now :D fave ones are at and

happy downloading everyone :D

Got my first alcohol inks this week - now I need to work out how to use them LOL


J xx