Saturday, 28 February 2009

I've been busy today :D

This is my little niece Jessica :D

Stamped on to Shrink plastic with Hero Arts clear stamps!!

This is me :D A LO using HO3 brushes as hybrid elements - the frame is printed on cardstock and the birdcage on inkjet transparancies

I have to say they look soooo diferent in vintage colours and papers!!! and how cute are the Melissa Frances frames :D

I am so down with Hybrid scrapping - the best of both worlds :D

Thursday, 26 February 2009


is missing Paul :(  (and so is Rolo!!)

Well the TSV on QVC today was total pants- along with quite a few other items LOL
The only saving grace was the Prima hour - but me wubs Prima :D

It's really cold any wet here tonight :( not good for those with a cough :(
Still all tucked up cozy and warm in the house now :)

Night all

J xx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

hmmm spoke a wee bit too soon!!!

not feeling the best at the mo, I keep having hot flushes :( and now I'm all stuffed up :(

My friend Rebekah, kindly got me one of the purple cow cutters from Aldi and that arrived in the post today :D haven't tried it yet - I used all my strength getting in the packaging LOL!!

The silly dog was so funny before - I was blocking his way and DH threw his ball in to the kitchen, so I was moving around so he couldn't get passed, so he jumped up and licked my nose - good tactics Rolo hahaha :D


J xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Woohooooo :D

I think I am finally atrting to feel a bit better :D my nose feels like it has finally dried up a little bit, the sneezing is less often, and DH is most upset because I can actually talk without it killing me :D

Well if really nasty medicine works, I will be cured by the morning LOL. My lovely DH, who has been really nice and helpful, bought me some cough medicine - it tastes evil!!! But hey , if it works I'll take it :D
Nothing exciting to report at all today, I just had the worst morning for knocks on the door!!!
Tomorrow, I am officially "not in"!!!!

Hugs'n' stuff

Julie xx

Monday, 23 February 2009


Well I don't know if any of you are Most Haunted fans but how amazing is the orb in this pic?? A friend of mine(Debbie) took it at Chatsworth House!! She has loads of other pics and you would think the orbs were tour guides- they are all over the place :o

Well i'm still chocker with cold and getting really fed up now :( This is no way to spend a weeks holiday :(

Was even more fed up when broadband went on the blink - I thought it was just ours but DH discovered it was a regional problem. I had to keep watching all night to see when it was back on LOL. as DH said "what did we do before we got a PC??"

Well good news from work - we passed our KPI this time - they come round and check all the standards throughout the shop and 85% is the pass mark - we got 85% thank goodness!!! the repercussions of an amber or red mark is not good!!

I forgot to mention the other day in the excitement of setting up my blog, the thing that made me decide to start one was here - check out Rhonnas entry on Feb 18th :D Major happy dance for me :D How cool to be featured on my fave designers blog :D

Right I'm going to get ready to watch "Samantha Who", seeyas soon,

Even snottier hugs'n'stuff

Julie xx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Rudolf has got nothing on me!!!!

OMG my nose is sore!!!
hope this burger of a cold doesn't linger too long!!!
Did you watch Dancing on Ice?? what on earth was Jessica doing in the skate off?? The British public should stop treating these shows as popularity contests and look at the amazing talents instead! Why is Ruthie a judge? and how can she get away with personal comments like that :o bang out of order! BUT at least we got to see Jessicas routine in full :D

I did some crafting today - part of Shimelles Scrap like you mean it challenges :D
I might go back and do the other 7 as I quite enjoyed todays work :D
The challenge was to cut a photo, so I took photos of my fave showergel from Lush which unfortunatley only appears for Chrimbo :(
It took some thinking about but I'm quite pleased with the end result :D
If you would like a better look it's in the gallery on UKS :D

snotty hugs 'n' stuff
Julie xx
edited to add isn't There's something about Mary the funniest film ever LOL :D

Saturday, 21 February 2009

This is just a test to see what happens to my slideshow when I post again :D hmmm thought so!!

Well it's been a totally pants day today!!
I have the cold from hell and DH was called in to work this morning and has just got back in now(6pm).

The only good thing is I managed to sort out my slideshow and worked out how to add a blinkie with the help of a forum buddy :D

If anybody reads this who is a scrapper and isn't already on there (although I suspect that to be highly unlikely haha :D) UkScrappers is the friendliest and most helpfull group of crafting peeps I have ever met :D

Right time for more paracetamol I think!

Julie xx

Friday, 20 February 2009

I have moved this down to the bottom of the screen, thanks for the comment - feeling quite proud of myself at the mo haha :D

New to this

... omg where do I begin!!!
Ok I'm just about set up I think, not totally sure what I'm doing yet, but quite pleased I have got this far :D

Can anybody tell me how to add buttons/blinkies??? got my page set up now :D