Sunday, 22 February 2009

Rudolf has got nothing on me!!!!

OMG my nose is sore!!!
hope this burger of a cold doesn't linger too long!!!
Did you watch Dancing on Ice?? what on earth was Jessica doing in the skate off?? The British public should stop treating these shows as popularity contests and look at the amazing talents instead! Why is Ruthie a judge? and how can she get away with personal comments like that :o bang out of order! BUT at least we got to see Jessicas routine in full :D

I did some crafting today - part of Shimelles Scrap like you mean it challenges :D
I might go back and do the other 7 as I quite enjoyed todays work :D
The challenge was to cut a photo, so I took photos of my fave showergel from Lush which unfortunatley only appears for Chrimbo :(
It took some thinking about but I'm quite pleased with the end result :D
If you would like a better look it's in the gallery on UKS :D

snotty hugs 'n' stuff
Julie xx
edited to add isn't There's something about Mary the funniest film ever LOL :D

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