Monday, 23 February 2009


Well I don't know if any of you are Most Haunted fans but how amazing is the orb in this pic?? A friend of mine(Debbie) took it at Chatsworth House!! She has loads of other pics and you would think the orbs were tour guides- they are all over the place :o

Well i'm still chocker with cold and getting really fed up now :( This is no way to spend a weeks holiday :(

Was even more fed up when broadband went on the blink - I thought it was just ours but DH discovered it was a regional problem. I had to keep watching all night to see when it was back on LOL. as DH said "what did we do before we got a PC??"

Well good news from work - we passed our KPI this time - they come round and check all the standards throughout the shop and 85% is the pass mark - we got 85% thank goodness!!! the repercussions of an amber or red mark is not good!!

I forgot to mention the other day in the excitement of setting up my blog, the thing that made me decide to start one was here - check out Rhonnas entry on Feb 18th :D Major happy dance for me :D How cool to be featured on my fave designers blog :D

Right I'm going to get ready to watch "Samantha Who", seeyas soon,

Even snottier hugs'n'stuff

Julie xx

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  1. Woo fame at last! That's pretty cool :o)
    Feel better soon X


Thank you for your comment :D I really appreciate them all as it lets me know I'm not really talking to myself LOL :D
I enjoy reading them too ;-)