Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lets help Millie....

I spotted this posted on UKS and we need to help this little girl ......

Over on theDIBB we are trying to win a competition to send a little girl, who has been living a nightmare for most of her life, to Disneyland Paris. She has been nominated by a DIBB member called Babybelle who said this.

"She is only 6 and since January this year she has had neurosurgery, several shunts inserted and removed and about eight lumber punctures. The wee soul has had about 13 anaesthetics this year alone.

This lovely little girl has had epilepsy since birth but has been seizure free sincer her op in Jan. She has limited mobility and learning difficulties (bit like my own DD) and because of this has never had a birthday party.

Her parents are already planning a trip next April for her birthday and I would love to help them realise that dream."

To find out more about Millie read these news articles:

Watch a video here

The competition is based on Disney/Pixar's UP and by participating you launch virtual balloons. Whoever has the most balloons by the end of the competition (26th November) wins.

To win the competition for her we all have to visit this site

You can only launch new balloons once per day but If you have several computers in the house you can send balloons from all of them, also if you have more than one browser on your computer you can send balloons from each of them.

By the way in one day we are already at 2nd place on the leader board but the leader is giving us quite a run and is a long way ahead. Please vote everyday and ask your friends and family to do the same.

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