Saturday, 10 October 2009

These aren't just any cupcakes...

They are M&S scrummy strawberry and vanilla cupcakes with the added bonus of supporting Breakthrough Breast cancer charity mmmmmmmm - guilt free :D
I had to take a pic to scrap because they are just soooooo pretty!! LOLwell after last nights mammoth creation of the countdown box my area was left a little bit devastated!!!
My storage has been doing my head in too as it got a little bit out of control - too many hanging bulky packs that were falling off all the time!!!
So all my pretty brads, even the BG glazed ones, are now off the cards and in to a divided storage box and all the iddy biddy brads that were languishing in loads of space are now tucked up safe and sound in a craft mates little caddy - which is better as the little boxes lock :) Let me tell you, some of those brads are quite vicious!!! The Laura Ashley fabric ones are really sharp :o and unlike the BG ones which are straight, these are all bent to stay on the backing card :o my fingers hurt now!!!

The American Crafts buttons I bought from QVC at a Bargain price are now de-carded and safely stored in a compartment - I had to cut round each one on the acetate as they are self adhesive - but they take up sooooo much less room :D

How do you all store chipboard??? It takes up so much room, and I ahve recently bought some grungeboard and can't decide how to store that either - the backs are so bulky, any suggestions Linda??? LOL

Hugs'n' guilt free snogs,
Julie xx


  1. Cant wait to see the LO you make with those photos. Yummy. x

  2. Those cakes do look sooooo yummy. Have to say I am a bad blopper as I keep mising some of the blogs so I better catchup by starting here ... saying WOW to your last 2 LO's have a real style and I love it , The vintage one is such fun yet keeps the feel. What tassel stamp is that??? looked like a real one. Your kmas box is inspired too xx

  3. ooooh those cakes look delish!!

  4. lush cakes.....looking forward to the layout if you do one....and why do they put brads into cards rather than a pack so we do not have a hard job getting to them to use????

  5. I have recently done exactly the same thing with all my brads - yes, even the lovely BG glazed ones, and the fabric ones (and I agree, they are very sharp!)

  6. lol i've just sorted all my brads into craft mates tidies too and i totally understand about the sore fingers!! is there any need for them to be soooo sharp!!

    yummy cakes *drools* :)


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