Sunday, 18 October 2009

Own up...

who kept those blasted ridiculous twins on the X-Factor???? shame on you!!!!!
Loved Whitneys song but was disappointed with her interview, she didn't give a good impression despite the wardrobe malfunction!!
I'm glad Simon kept Rachel in, think she was way better on the night :D

Oooooo so excited :D DH is going to take me to the Hobbycraft show at the SECC in Glasgow next Saturday AND its payday this week LOL woop woop :D
Mwahahhhhhahhhhh!!!!! :D I got in to trouble last time I went though for spending too much money in very little time :o LOL
I'm much more savvy now LOL

Well not too much done today I've been mostly looking for images etc.. to use on my printers tray.
I had a bit of an issue because I want to attach some fabby chandelier crystals I rescued from work, but couldn't work out how to attach them so that they dangle, but DH assures me he can drill the dividers and is bringing a drill home (when he remembers LOL)

Docs tomorrow and should be back at work on Tuesday, just need to negotiate what I'm able to do without injuring myself ;)

My e-tickets have also arrived for Most Haunted Live and I'm sooooooo excited :D
Wow there are lots of rules though LOL, need to time my pee's to the ads, oh well nowt different to home except I can't live pause :D

J xx


  1. What is wrong with the viewers ...get rid of those two idiots. I do not know why Rachel is not getting votes ...I love her ...brilliant voice but maybe not enough charisma. I envey your trip to Hobbycraft ...too broke to go ...what the eye dont see the heart dont grieve over .... bet you cant wait .

  2. Wasn't me Miss, honest LOL

    Can't stand the evil twosome.

    Look forward to seeing your 'restrained' shopping haul **rollseyes** after your visit to the Hobbycraft show.

    Toni :o)

  3. I made the mistake of taking hubby to a papercraft fair, it was just so he could see what I buy and how much it fun :0)

  4. oooh tickets for most haunted - very cool.


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