Sunday, 4 October 2009

Psssttt its a secret...

so I can't show you yet LOL
I've been working on my ATC's today for the Vintage Winged Beauty ATC sawp on UKS - this really excited me as I love vintage art photos and love the pics with wings. I didn't choose one like that though haha :D
I used Safmat for the first time tonight and I likeit!!! I used it with some Prima fancies which are really cute printables you put behind Got flowers :D
I'll show you soon :D
If your very quick you will see me showcased on the ATDML homepage here , not sure how long it will be there for though LOL, but fingers crossed, I might win the comp :D

What on earth happened on X factor tonight??? I'm gutted at some of the acts that have been eliminated tonight :( And what on earth was Louie thinking putting those horrendous twins through!!! OMG!!! I can't believe they got through yet the two girls in the over 30's didn't :(

I entered my mum and dads wedding LO for the Prima comp today too - thats an ordeal - you have to list product numbers of what you have used .

hugs'n'hopefull snogs,
J xx


  1. I was quick! I saw it! What a gorgeous lo - I think I've seen that before - did you upload it on UKS? Absolutely gorgeous.

    You're a girl after my own heart - I love the vintage piccies with wings so I can't wait to see what you've created. Hurry up and show us :P

    I watched X-Factor in disbelief last night - I couldn't believe the opera fella didn't get through either and I thought it was really mean of Cheryl to leave him hanging like that just to say no. Those twins are SO annoying, they can't sing and they are up their own backsides! I didn't see saturdays so can't comment how everyone did in the auditions. I'm glad the afro haired bloke got through though and the girl with shaved bit in her hair (I'm rubbish at remembering the names! *g*)

  2. I don't think ANY of the groups are going to do very well this year. I'm backing Jamie Afro all the way.

  3. great lo julie.....can't wait to see what you have done with safmat....I love it too

  4. I was quick enough and saw it. Loved it too, gorgeous LO


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