Wednesday, 29 December 2010

decorate your decorations..........

Are your Christmas decorations looking tired? don't match your decor or you just fancy a change??

Well get yourself some INKA GOLD from Bubbly Funk and give them a new look before you put them away this year. Give them a new lease of life and create an orginal look for your home.

Inspired by my TH tags of Christmas I bought some cheap silver coloured baubles and applied the inka gold with a dry baby wipe. When dry I buffed and then gave them a second coat.

When evenly coated and lovely and shiney I added embellies - you could use anything - crystals, stickers, flowers rub-ons etc....

They look stunning in real life and look much more expensive than they did originally.

Why not have a scoot around the sales and see if you can find some bargains then transform them in to a lovely co-ordinated set for next year :D

And if you do them now you will avoid that pre Christmas panic next year :D


Julie xx


  1. They are gorgeous there are boxes of baubles for £2 in bnq x

  2. Love the new look baubles Julie, cool idea x

  3. Julie, those baubles are stunning - clever you. Thank you for sharing a great idea.

    Toni :o)

  4. They look fab Julie, what a great idea.

  5. Great idea and what a good deal!

  6. I have painted some ornaments. May give this a try, but where I live it is very dry and interesting things happen to glued on embellishments! Your ornaments are very pretty! Happy New Year!


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