Sunday, 1 November 2009

Well I scrapped today but can't show you :(
I did the UKS pre-cybercrop challenge which is to scrap what is home to you :)
I can't wait for the cybercrop and if your not a member check it out here . The theme this time is The Wizard of Oz and is appropriately named Wicked :D I would love to see that show!!!

I'm in the Lions team Rrrrroooaaaaaarrrrrr :D and i'm definitely not a cowardy custard LOL
and was lucky enough to get a Mystery kit :D Woop, Woop :D

And as luck would have it I have some lovely Ruby slippers thanks to Minnie mouse and the postal strike delaying her lovely yellow shoes LOL

They might come in handy to get me home listening to the wind outside :o **wonders how far away Kansas is**

I had a play with the pic of me from the party on Scrapblog and today and came up with this :D
I'm quite pleased and I now have a pic ready for the CC :D

Well that's the end of the Most Haunted live shows and I have to say I thought last nights shows experiment was rather in bad taste and unnecessary! shame on you Karl and Yvette!

My new phone is ordered at last Yipppeeeeeeee :D
I haved decided to have the Sony Erricson Satio - its touch screen which I'm not that keen on, but it does have a 12.1 megapixel camera on it :o what? thats amazing!!! :o
It was either that or wait for the i-phone and i'm just not sure about them!

Well X-factor was a total joke again - I'm gutted Rachel has gone! she sang beautifully :(
If those twits, sorry twins, are still in next week I am seriously considering boycotting the show!

Hugs'n Roarrrrriinggg snogs,
J xx


  1. X-Factor is getting ridiculous and there is an act like this every year :( I want Olly to win personally but cannot understand why Rachel kept being in the bottom two. I think she has a gorgeous voice and with any luck will continue on and be successful.

  2. cute foto..i had a touch screen phone but ended up swapping with my dd for hers with a qwerty keyboard


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