Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Karens birthday card

Couldn't upload this earlier as my good friend Karen reads my blog LOL
Happy Birthday Karen :D

She is the first of my group of friends to hit 40 - the rest of us are next year :o
Quite shocking how long I have know Karen and Sue (since I was 17) but even more so Sharon, who I started school with LOL

I used a Kaisercraft beyond the page album as a template for the card and the cute strawberry paper is BG Nook and Pantry 6x6 paper :D the other pieces are just from my regular stash of bits'n'pieces ;)

I'm still working on my Mystery kit for the CC - did I tell you I'm a Lion??

Hear me roar RROOOOOOOOOAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!! LOL - love this pic and might just scrap it :D

I also intend taking a pic of my lush ruby slippers before Friday :D
Can I just say - Why do Stickles take so long to dry and are so easily smudged??? they must be the most annoying craft item ever LOL

J xx


  1. I love that Lion photo!! Hard to be afraid of you guys when you look at that.

    Lovely card x

  2. Great card. I have that issue with stickles too. Love them to bits but nearly always manage to smudge them because they are still not dry after what seems like forever!


Thank you for your comment :D I really appreciate them all as it lets me know I'm not really talking to myself LOL :D
I enjoy reading them too ;-)