Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hello world....

... don't I know you from somewhere??
Well thats me scrapped out for this weekend :D and what a weekend its been LOL what with a gameof agonising bingo that lasted 1 and a half hours, to server busy messages, I thought wehad broken UKS forever LOL
But it survived and so did I, AND scored 5050 points and completed 12 LO's :o
I've had a great time but I'm sooooo out of practice, I felt like I was on catch up all weekend!!!

My fave class was Twister and shout by Taniwha - loved those little rolls of paper and will defo use that idea again :D

The Lollipop Guild by MJM

Over the Rainbow by Ifa using ribbons sent to me by Paddy as part of our Social group kit swap :D
I could do this class about another 5 times with all the ribbon she sent me LOL - Thank you :D

Dreaming of Home by TracieDoodle :D

The road to Happiness by Wombat

Then the challenges

One more challenge to upload but it won't fit LOL and my Precrop challenge - Mystery Kit will have to be later as they haven't been revealed yet ;)

hugs'n'non-cyber snogs!!
J xx

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  1. Wow, you worked hard, what fab LOs, I managed 3 but couln't get them loaded as DH had nicked the camera lead, he says borrowed, but in my opinion, borrow means return not hoard! Looks like you had a terrific time.


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I enjoy reading them too ;-)