Friday, 6 November 2009


What the heck has gone wrong with X-factor?? That is it and I have had enough, and won't be supporting Simon Cowells bank balance anymore !!!
I urge you all to boycott it and give him the shock he deserves - Poor Lucie :( even the terrible twins were stunned!
That's it for me!

Well I have had an idea for my Mystery kit at last - now just need to put it in to action :D
I'm working with a medium I haven't used for a long time and had forgotten how to use LOL

Winged vintage beauty ATC's came back this week and are stunning :D will take some pics tomorrow :D

Any digi/hybrid scrappers out there??? This beautiful charity kit is only $8 and crammed pack full of gorgeousness
check out this beautiful advert for Nieman Marcus fantasy gifts, what a beautiful use of quilling :D

Had a fab night out with my gal pals last night and ended up VEEERRRRYY drunk LOL
Managed to break DH's phone :o and his sunglasses :o oh dear, messy!!!

Hugs 'n' sorry snogs,
J xx

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  1. I knew he would do that, it's either tactics or he's wanted them on the show all along. No chance of us boycotting as the girls love it :/ Craig is upset his favourite was beaten by the twins though .


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