Saturday, 28 November 2009

1 week later...

and oh my, what a week!!!

Our little town was declared a disaster zone - not sure who by/where or when but so i'm told!! Although I'm not totally convinced, because there have been that many wrong reportings LOL
but hey ho - poor Calva (pronounced Cava) bridge has been up and own I don't know how many times according to the press/rumours!!!

It's been an absolute nightmare as the town is now divided by the river and has produced many problems - one being my mum and dad are on the other side of the river, thankfully so is my brother :D

my lovely niece made the horrendous journey to bring my parents in to town on Thursday ( it used to be a five minute drive, its now an hour and a half!!!) and it was quite a tearful reunion all round - not for my Dad because he took off for a walk before he got in to town LOL

Its not been a crafty week at all for all the traumatic reasons so I haven't blogged!! but I need to get back to some kind of normallity soon so will try this week;)

Julie xx


  1. Sending lots of ((((hugs))))

    Toni :o)

  2. {{{{hugs}}}} Julie, hope things start to get better (and dryer) soon.
    Kay xx


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