Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Look whos coming to live with us.....

Omg what a cutie patootie my hubby surprised me with this evening :D

In 5 weeks time this gorgeous little furbaby will be mine, all mine :D unless he is naughty then he will be all Pauls LOL

So I need help??
Whats his name?
I like proper names and am considering Barney at the mo............hubby likes Jasper .................what do you guys think??

Hugs'n'snuggly snogs,
Julie xx

Edited to add - he's a show cocker spaniel :D


  1. 'Barney' sounds hug-able whereas 'Jasper' brings to mind lively & naughty.

    He looks so cute Julie - bet you can't wait.

    Toni xx

  2. Way too cute, so totally adorable, what kinda puppy is he? I like Jasper, or Harvey or Murphy well anything is grand on such a lovely boy.

  3. Congratulations on the new addition! He looks darn cute!
    I like Barney too x

  4. Awww too cute, can't think of a proper name, mine are all snuffly, snuggly type names I'm afraid

  5. I think you should call him sprinkles...xx

  6. too cute!!!! The cocker spaniels I knew many years ago were 'trained to the gun' & had names like Blue, Sid or Flash. Me & my ex had a cocker puppy but he was just too too crazy 24/7 so we gave him away to be trained as a sniffer dog.
    Best of luck :))

  7. I like Jasper, but what's his show name going to be - that HAS to be embarrasing lol xxx
    PS. He's GORGE!


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