Saturday, 19 March 2011

Distress blending foam organisation???

Ok, so I was getting frustrated with my foam pads chucked in a a zip lock bag, which I had to -
A. rummage through to find the piece I wanted
B. find the bag from its hiding place in the first place!!!

A thread was started over on UK scrappers a while ago and I absolutely fell in love with this idea by lebosiNifty huh???

Well I decided I had to copy it because it was such a fab idea but decided to take it a step further - being me hahaha:D

So when I got this fabby teabag box from Moira at Happy Daze the light bulb moment happened :DI cut pieces of white cardstock to fit inside the sections but smaller than necessary as I wanted to laminate them.
Distressed the edges with my tool- which in hindsight I wish I had left until after I had inked them LOL.

I inked one side completely plain but showing different depths of the ink colour.

The other side I decided to show different techniques using the blending inks so started by using the ones from Tim's book Compendium of Curiosities.
When I had finished each one I wrote on the front the name of the ink pad, the technique with page number and materials used.

I didn't want them to get all inky when they are in the storage box so wanted to laminate them -only trouble is I don't have a laminater!!!

So I found a huge roll of clear packing tape my hubby had brought home and encased them in that - using an old giftcard to burnish it thoroughly :D
I cut away the excess tape then stuck on a piece of hook velcro to hold the foam pad.

The stamps are both Scrolls Work - #2551 sequin waste and #2543 leafy flourish.

Its a Genius idea isn't it, so huge thanks to lebosi - aka Isobel, for the inspiration :D

I am mid way through the storage box so don't forget to come back and see how it turns out :D

Hugs'n'inky snogs,
Julie xx


  1. Brilliant! It looks really good!

  2. What a nifty idea, your version looks like it will be fantastic :D

  3. Woah, great idea, makes my little pile look very sorry for itself:0) xxx

  4. I like that idea! Fab fab fab!


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