Sunday, 29 November 2009

Nothing to show yet........

... but I'm busy altering my Tesco £5 advent house using eskimo kisses :D I'm waiting for the paint to dry at the min though, so not a lot to show you! One bit of advice if you are altering anything similar, don't put the drawers in then turn it over to draw a template!!!! DOH!!!!! LOL :D
I feel quite Christmassy tonight and I'm going to have a mission of having a good old tidy up this week then I can get my decs up next week - shhhhhh don't tell DH LOL

Oooo and if you fancy a bit of a crafty blop check this site out for the top 50 craft blogs :D
Thanks Vron for posting that on UKS :D

I was going to customise my party dress last night but when I tried it with the lace it looked really bland, so I've ordered some black sequin trim :D Bling it on !!!
The party is on Saturday so I hope it arrives in plenty of time LOL I'm going for a vintage kinda look - well i hope thats how it turns out!!

J xx

Saturday, 28 November 2009

1 week later...

and oh my, what a week!!!

Our little town was declared a disaster zone - not sure who by/where or when but so i'm told!! Although I'm not totally convinced, because there have been that many wrong reportings LOL
but hey ho - poor Calva (pronounced Cava) bridge has been up and own I don't know how many times according to the press/rumours!!!

It's been an absolute nightmare as the town is now divided by the river and has produced many problems - one being my mum and dad are on the other side of the river, thankfully so is my brother :D

my lovely niece made the horrendous journey to bring my parents in to town on Thursday ( it used to be a five minute drive, its now an hour and a half!!!) and it was quite a tearful reunion all round - not for my Dad because he took off for a walk before he got in to town LOL

Its not been a crafty week at all for all the traumatic reasons so I haven't blogged!! but I need to get back to some kind of normallity soon so will try this week;)

Julie xx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Its been a very sad 24 hours :(

RIP PC Bill Barker who died tragically this morning helping others, my thoughts are with your family and friends

The record breaking rainfall and tides have devastated ours and neignbouring towns and many lives have been ruined by these dreadfull floods - my heart goes out to you all xx

My poor parents have been left cut off from most of us by the collapse of the two main bridges that connect us, fortunately my brother lives on the same side of the river and has been able to get to them.
I have pics on my facebook page of the devastation caused but I can't bring myself to put them on here :(

Stay safe everyone,
Julie xx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

the last two .....

last of the challenges

And my Pre crop challenge :D - vote for me :D LOL

Phew!! I'm really pleased with all of my LO's and didn't rush them for that reason :D

J xx

Hello world....

... don't I know you from somewhere??
Well thats me scrapped out for this weekend :D and what a weekend its been LOL what with a gameof agonising bingo that lasted 1 and a half hours, to server busy messages, I thought wehad broken UKS forever LOL
But it survived and so did I, AND scored 5050 points and completed 12 LO's :o
I've had a great time but I'm sooooo out of practice, I felt like I was on catch up all weekend!!!

My fave class was Twister and shout by Taniwha - loved those little rolls of paper and will defo use that idea again :D

The Lollipop Guild by MJM

Over the Rainbow by Ifa using ribbons sent to me by Paddy as part of our Social group kit swap :D
I could do this class about another 5 times with all the ribbon she sent me LOL - Thank you :D

Dreaming of Home by TracieDoodle :D

The road to Happiness by Wombat

Then the challenges

One more challenge to upload but it won't fit LOL and my Precrop challenge - Mystery Kit will have to be later as they haven't been revealed yet ;)

hugs'n'non-cyber snogs!!
J xx

Friday, 13 November 2009

.... is hanging up the "Do not disturb" sign

Its Cyber crop weekend :D
See you on Monday :D

Hugs'n'cyber snogs :D
J xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Karens birthday card

Couldn't upload this earlier as my good friend Karen reads my blog LOL
Happy Birthday Karen :D

She is the first of my group of friends to hit 40 - the rest of us are next year :o
Quite shocking how long I have know Karen and Sue (since I was 17) but even more so Sharon, who I started school with LOL

I used a Kaisercraft beyond the page album as a template for the card and the cute strawberry paper is BG Nook and Pantry 6x6 paper :D the other pieces are just from my regular stash of bits'n'pieces ;)

I'm still working on my Mystery kit for the CC - did I tell you I'm a Lion??

Hear me roar RROOOOOOOOOAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!! LOL - love this pic and might just scrap it :D

I also intend taking a pic of my lush ruby slippers before Friday :D
Can I just say - Why do Stickles take so long to dry and are so easily smudged??? they must be the most annoying craft item ever LOL

J xx

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Just a quickie....

to welcome Helen Chilton to the Happy Daze DT :D check out some of her work in the Happy Daze gallery :D

Also a huge congrats to my friend Chrissy aka Kikimama23 on UKS for making the Kaiser craft digi DT :D
Lucky Chrissy!! some gorgeous stuff on there and on offer this week, AND a few freebies to be had ;) we all like freebies :D

Hugs'n'happy snogs,
Julie xx

Friday, 6 November 2009


What the heck has gone wrong with X-factor?? That is it and I have had enough, and won't be supporting Simon Cowells bank balance anymore !!!
I urge you all to boycott it and give him the shock he deserves - Poor Lucie :( even the terrible twins were stunned!
That's it for me!

Well I have had an idea for my Mystery kit at last - now just need to put it in to action :D
I'm working with a medium I haven't used for a long time and had forgotten how to use LOL

Winged vintage beauty ATC's came back this week and are stunning :D will take some pics tomorrow :D

Any digi/hybrid scrappers out there??? This beautiful charity kit is only $8 and crammed pack full of gorgeousness
check out this beautiful advert for Nieman Marcus fantasy gifts, what a beautiful use of quilling :D

Had a fab night out with my gal pals last night and ended up VEEERRRRYY drunk LOL
Managed to break DH's phone :o and his sunglasses :o oh dear, messy!!!

Hugs 'n' sorry snogs,
J xx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Well I didn't win.......

... but I made the Prima blog :D
**is doing a happy dance**

Ok, I'm back off to try and work out what i'm meant to be doing with my new phone LOL

Hugs'n'confused snogs :D
J xx

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Well I scrapped today but can't show you :(
I did the UKS pre-cybercrop challenge which is to scrap what is home to you :)
I can't wait for the cybercrop and if your not a member check it out here . The theme this time is The Wizard of Oz and is appropriately named Wicked :D I would love to see that show!!!

I'm in the Lions team Rrrrroooaaaaaarrrrrr :D and i'm definitely not a cowardy custard LOL
and was lucky enough to get a Mystery kit :D Woop, Woop :D

And as luck would have it I have some lovely Ruby slippers thanks to Minnie mouse and the postal strike delaying her lovely yellow shoes LOL

They might come in handy to get me home listening to the wind outside :o **wonders how far away Kansas is**

I had a play with the pic of me from the party on Scrapblog and today and came up with this :D
I'm quite pleased and I now have a pic ready for the CC :D

Well that's the end of the Most Haunted live shows and I have to say I thought last nights shows experiment was rather in bad taste and unnecessary! shame on you Karl and Yvette!

My new phone is ordered at last Yipppeeeeeeee :D
I haved decided to have the Sony Erricson Satio - its touch screen which I'm not that keen on, but it does have a 12.1 megapixel camera on it :o what? thats amazing!!! :o
It was either that or wait for the i-phone and i'm just not sure about them!

Well X-factor was a total joke again - I'm gutted Rachel has gone! she sang beautifully :(
If those twits, sorry twins, are still in next week I am seriously considering boycotting the show!

Hugs'n Roarrrrriinggg snogs,
J xx