Sunday, 20 September 2009

Should have gone to specsavers!!!

This is my week 38 SLYMI LO - scrap a lesson learned LOL :D

I was struggling with this weeks until I was browsing my FB pics and came across this one I was tagged in with the caption - should have gone to specsavers :D
This was at Solfest when I was messing with glowsticks - hmmm that was a bit obvious LOL
Although they did come in very handy as I hung rings on my backpack to stop people walking in to it and hurting my back (which had happened all weekend!!! GRRRR!) it worked a treat - just wish I had thought of it sooner LOL
As soon as I put my homemade specs on the cameras jumped in to action and the next step was to make Caitlin some :D
This was an amazingly cheap LO as all the papers, epoxy stickers and chipboard were in a kit I bought from Poundland (which I thought I would never use LOL) The gems were also from there and I altered the colour with Sharpies which I bought from Home Bargains a while ago - 12 for £1.99!!!

A bit different from my usual style wouldn't you say???? LOL :D
That's the beauty of challenges, you take a step out of your comfort zone :D

Hugs'n' bargain basement snogs :D
J xx


  1. A real fun LO Julie and well done on creating something fab for so little.

    Toni :o)

  2. You does make me larf :0)

    I love this LO - Love your style!


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