Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ooooo these little beauties are being added to my ever growing shopping list :D
How cute will these be sneaking in to my projects :D I can just see them peaking out from behind a prima or two :D

I have such a nasty headache today and I think its just tension!!! we are getting ready for our store visual kpi check next week and have to go through mega week this week first!!! WE are never going to be ready!!! Ho hum! My store manager has every confidence our side of the jobs will be done (more confidence than me!!!) but is worried about the sales teams achieving their jobs **sigh**
Oh well, I have a trip to Birmingham to look forward to next week, so that will be nice :D

Won't be much time for crafting though for a while, and I'm impatiently waiting for some delish Prima pearls to arrive LOL

I got some Inkjet printer canvas sheets today from The Works which I thought would be quite pretty to use as hybrid embellies or just to print photos on and add some texture - I love texture :D
Definitely a touchy feely girl and was always getting told of as a kiddywinks -"look with your eyes, not your hands!!" LOL
My aunt had a sofa that was the cut out velvet pattern type, and I would sit on it and trace the patterns constantly, much to my mums disgust LOL :D

J xx

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