Monday, 18 April 2011

Whats for tea...........Fried Marbles???

LOL perhaps not unless you want a trip to the dentist :D

I saw mentioned on the net somewhere last week fried marbles - I had to investigate because it just sounded so flippin odd!!

So how about turning these humble glass marbles in to these lovely crackled beauties??
Now they don't look fab on these pics but they really catch the light with the sun on them :D

I followed the instructions HERE after I fell in love with the beautiful sun catcher :D

The marbles I used where cheap really bashed ones I found on ebay when I just had to have a go :D

I think I will be buying more soon and fancy trying glass pebbles next :D

Hugs'n'sparkly snogs,
Julie xx

P.S> thanks Carol for reminding me it was LINDAS BLOG where I spotted the marbles :D


  1. I love these. I tried them myself last month after Linda Baldock showed them on Facebook. What are you going to make with yours ?

  2. LOL well that answers were I saw them :D

    No idea yet - I'm still trying to work out how to attach them to anything LOL :D

    J xx

  3. Thought for a moment you had lost yours...LOL

    Great effect - can't wait to see what you make with them.

    Toni xx

  4. i am so ready to do you know if the cracks will pick up color from Tim Holtz's alcohol inks?

    thanks, cherryl


Thank you for your comment :D I really appreciate them all as it lets me know I'm not really talking to myself LOL :D
I enjoy reading them too ;-)