Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dragonfly duet altered pocket watch :D

Well, this turned in to quite a labour of love - in other words a chore!!! LOL :D

I treated myself to some resin a while ago and I was a little bit scared of it!!!
I made some little embellies to start with but it wasn't right and I started this project and couldn't get it to dry :(
I realised I wasn't getting the mix right!!

Luckily you can layer up resin and can't see where its layered so I finally got the mix right today to finish off this piece :D

I used my dichroic technique with croco to start with.
I coated my piece of lace with matte medium on both sides because resin soaks in to the fibres and it would become invisible with the resin - the same happens to paper!!

I stuck my embellies down with glossy accents then layered in the resin.

I finished it off by colouring the embellies with inka gold and adding a little bit of distress stickles on the resin to hide my pokeyisitdryyet finger prints :D

I'm so disappointed that you can't see the depth in the photo :( and blogger won't let me add anymore for some reason :(

yeyyyy I can now :D

Julie xx


  1. What a beautiful piece Julie. The resin makes it look like a pool that has lots of hidden treasures in its depths.

    Toni xx

  2. Wow Julie, this is GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. so pretty! love the musical sheet in the background, nice touch!

  4. The pocket watch is gorgeous! I am going to repost this on our facebook page too!

  5. I love the embellished pocket watch.


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