Monday, 2 August 2010

a load of old Croco....

Viva Decor style LOL :D

I bought a jar of this paint last week and was pleasantly surprised at the size of the jar :D
I decided to have a bit of a play this afternoon to see what it does :D

I put a generous coat on to a chipboard square and blasted it with my heatgun resulting in huge croco-type scales with lovely cracks in the gaps.
This is bronze paint with pearl and plum alcohol ink on top and copper foil around the edges
Pretty cool huh :D
Imagine the platinum one with alcohol inks on it ...... Oooooooo :D

Thats defo my next purchase LOL :D

I then added Prima lace, flowers from earrings, buttons, a drogonfly charm enbellished with distress stickles, rock candy sticklesand beads :D

Thanks for looking,
J xx


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Love the colour - fab item.

    Toni :o)

  3. I love the croco paint...will say dont buy the white,it was so different in texture from one of the coloured ones I bought.
    Nice piece!

  4. Wow! That's gorgeous.
    Suw x

  5. Lovely stuff! If you can bear to be patient and let it dry naturally you will get a different effect, too!

  6. Ahhh thanks for showing us what it looked like before you added the pretties, its the first time I have seen the effect clearly. Its pretty awesome isn't it. love the finished piece XXX


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