Sunday, 9 August 2009

Happy Campers???

or just tired campers??? LOL
It is really tiring camping - not sure if its the effort of putting everything up/down and in/out of the car, the fresh air, the early mornings, or the nudges I get in the night to stop me snoring LOL :D

Had a really nice weekend though, apart from a bit of a disasterous trip in to Whitehaven on Saturday to their festival day - the dog hated the whole thing, most of all the train!!! The train there was late then got stuck for 4o mins because there was a problem with the door, then 30 mins late coming back!! We were frozen solid when we got back to the site!!!
Never mind, hot choc and cookies warmed me through :D

Hardly took any pics this time either :o just some shots of the fly over at the festival, and a bird at the campsite LOL - haven't put them on the PC yet so no idea if they are any good yet.

Hugs'n'extremely pooped snogs,
J xx

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