Sunday, 2 January 2011

Configure this........

So Santa didn't see my list :( either that or I was too naughty last year ..............never LOL :D
I have pointed it out to my hubby for my Birthday this month though ;-)

He did bring me some pretty cool presents though my main being a Flip ..............whats a Flip???............ well until Christmas morning I had no idea either LOL
But its this.....

If you click the picture it will take you to the site and show you what it does :D My lovely hubby thought it would be great for me to take to shows and record demos to share with you , and if I'm feeling really brave I could shoot my own tutorials!!! Imagine that LOL :
Watch this space, you never know LOL :D

We were meant to be going to meet a little dog that is being rehomed today but the person who is letting her go emailed my hubby yesterday to say that she had already gone, even though we had arranged to travel there with our dog and meet her .......don't get me started!!!!
She has gone to a family member, which I find a little bit awkward as it will totally confuse her if she sees her previous owner :(
Oh well, it wasn't meant to be and I hope she is happy in her new home :D

Well I ordered a little treat for me anyway from Moira @HappyDaze which arrived on New Years eve :D
I haven't had chance to play yet, but low and behold hasn't Tim added two new videos to his blog all about configurations :D

So, what am I going to do with my boxes???
I'm not sure yet but Imight just use some of the techniques I learnt with the 12 tags of Christmas :D

I have some more tissue tape on order and some other bits I found in a sales, I have saved my champagne corks from New Year, and I have lots of other vintage bits and pieces which might just make an appearance in there :D
I have some lovely printers blocks somewhere, so will have to dig them out :D

Check out Lindas gorgeous Christmas one HERE

So what are your projects this year?
I'm not one for doing a year long project - I like things that are done quickly .........I'm far too impatient LOL

I'm being a good girl though and trying to sort through my stash and tidy/organise a bit better.I'm clearing out a lot of things from my cardmaker days that will never get used and rehoming them to my niece who has a Rainbow group :D

Yesterday I set about storing my stamps properly and adding the images to my index file, which judging by the amount of new additions, I haven't done for a long time LOL!!!

speaking of stamps how fabby are THESE!!! defo going on my wish list :D

When I'm done I'm going to start playing :D
wish me luck!!!

Julie xx


  1. Aw see even if Father Christmas didn't see your list hubby still got you a very thoughtful gifty :)

    Ohhhh why did you have to link to those glamour girl sets...ohhhhh ... hmm... my birthday is in Feb so may have to start hinting ;)

  2. Heehee, I got a Configuration today too. I saw Tim's post earlier and was be-moaning the fact that I hadn't seen them here in the UK - then guess what was in my local craft store today and with 20% off because of their January sale...I'm a happy bunny (just need some time to do something with it LOL)

    Toni xx

  3. Have fun with your boxes! I have one that I bought recently and I'm afraid to start it! LOL! Have fun with your new Flip! We have one and it is SO fun and wicked easy to use!

  4. I love these boxes, I am going to try and do more home decor stuff this year. :)


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