Wednesday, 22 September 2010

at last my Faux Dichroic Glass technique :D


Ok I have teased you long enough so here it is :D

I am so excited to share this with you all :D

I have been experimenting over the weekend and I genuinely "think" I have invented a new technique to make faux dichroic glass. I apologise if anybody has beaten me to this but didn't we do well LOL :D

I love the lustre of the real thing and the colour changes in the depth.

You can use a melt pot for this technique but I have used my heat gun as most people have them.

Most of the supplies are available from Bubbly Funk

Supplies needed

Viva decor croco paint in platinum or gold

Ranger alcohol inks (2 to 3 colours work well)

heat gun

versamark inkpad

clear utee

glitter if desired

heat proof mat

I used Viva decor croco in platinum and gold as they are nice light colours and take the colours well.

I have used this on different surfaces such as chipboard, a resin domino and a Tim Holtz fragment so far.


spread your chosen colour of croco paint on to your surface thickly with a palette and either leave to dry naturally or give it a hand with your heat gun. in my examples below the heart is fried with my heat gun and the oval dried naturally - you can see there is a huge difference in the result so it depends what look you want (and how patient you are LOL :D ). 001

next drop your chosen alcohol inks randomly over the shapes - as mentioned two to three colours gives a lovely effect and it looks nice if you don't colour completely.


When its dry squish it down in your versamark pad until its completely coated 004

completely cover in the utee (ultra thick embossing enamel)


Shake off the excess, being careful not to remove any from the surface and place on your heatproof mat


Heat with your gun until completely melted


While its hot sprinkle in more utee, but don't overload as it will just blow away when you put your heat gun on to it.

Keep adding more until you have a lovely thick domed effect. you can add glitter or metal flakes in as you go if you wish.

Don't use stickles in between layers as the glue reacts with the utee and bubbles like mad!!!

You can use utee coloured with alcohol inks as I describe on my blog HERE to add more depth to your piece.

leave to cool then oohhh and aahhhhh at the pretty effect :D



You can punch it with a cropadile, and if your not happy with it you can keep melting the utee - it will eventually slide off to a thin layer LOL :D

At the end scrape all your melted excess off and keep in a pot for using again :D

Here's some of my results :D








This so effective and addictive please give it a try :D

Please link back if you do because I would love to see what you create :D

Just picture it on larger projects, or altered art..........mmmmm

Perhaps a mermaids tail? or a title or embelly for a scrapbook page :D


Julie xx


  1. struggled to make blog show me this... but AT LAST...

    I have to say its very very pretty and effective .. colourful and expensive looking...

    i dont know if your the first but I havent seen it before... well done.. ( I do love to see colour...they really are very gorgeous looking)

  2. Thatlooks amazing! I wonder if it works with crackle paint... x

  3. will def give this a go ....looks amazing!!

  4. Lovely - will be trying this to decorate my PB5 shoes!!!

  5. oooh thats lovely...thanks for sharing!

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  7. Oh wow! These are stunning! I sure will give this a try and thank you for the tutorial! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Wow, this is gorgeous! I've never seen this before, so glad you shared your technique! ~Diane

  9. WOW! That looks amazing! What a fantastic technique!

  10. these are stunning, thanks for sharing the technique

  11. These are fabulous, thanks for sharing. I will definitely have a go at this when i can get some of the croco paint. Jen x

  12. What a beautiful effect - the colours are stunning.

    Toni :o)

  13. Beautiful technique - just adds some more bits to my shopping list....will have to have a go though - tfs


  14. Stunning pieces!!! super tutorial, thank you for sharing. I am so going to give this a try.

  15. Wow ... this is a gorgeous technique .. going to have to have a go NOW ! thanks for sharing it with us :D x

  16. Couldn't resist having a play despite not having the right paint LOL, just uploaded some rubbish photo's on my blog, thank you so much for sharing.

  17. beautiful effect, well done on a truly original idea. thank you so much for this one will definately use it - scrumptious

  18. You clever thing! This is gorgeous. Will definitely have a play when I'm off my stash ban! (Which means when I've bopught the new PC first! le sob!)

    Hope your cold clears up soon :)

  19. Absolutely stunning - thanks for sharing this!

  20. Fabulous technique Julie! Might have to try this on my dominoes! TFS!
    Alison xox

  21. Here's my effort Julie
    It's a fab technique I'll definitely use again!
    Alison xox

  22. Wow looks fab :) Suze Wienberg did something similer adding Perfect pearls to the UTTE but that Croco base really makes it quite special :)
    Way cool


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