Friday, 10 September 2010

Good golly, Miss Molly Dolly....

ooooooooooooo I'm a little late in posting this but heres this weeks Bubbly Scrumptious project with inka gold :DIf you would like to see a bit more click HERE :D and now for something a little bit different!!!
If you have issues with porcelain dollys leave now..........

don't say I didn't warn you............Ok, meet Molly, she is my little dolly friend with a few sight issues LOL :D
She has now gone to live with Gillian as part of an altered bottle swap on zuzus forum :Ddon't sayI didn't warn you LMAO :D

Look at all the yunmy texture :D
it started life as a £1.99 bottle of bath salts, then inked, waxed mosaiced with broken dolly faces, TH distress embossed, drippy waxed, inka golded etc......
Molly was reborn :D

hugs'n' weird snogs,
J xx (aka Sid!!)


  1. Pleased to meet you DR Frankenstein :P

    I actually do have issues with dolls - the more realistic, the more freaky I find them. Strangely... Molly doesn't freak me out! Hope she is very happy in her new home ;)

  2. That is *so* cool! I lorve her! xxx

  3. Oh wow, she is fab, wicked even! Love her & want one. great tag too

  4. ooooh i hate dolls generally...but i love this!!

  5. i love that doll :D would love to try and do one!


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