Sunday, 18 April 2010

Here it is :D

I had to make a slight change as my glossy accents was a disaster LOL - for future reference use thin layers and let them dry inbetween otherwise it doesn't dry out on top of a non porous surface like utee ;)

Its also impossibe to do this with utee using a heatgun as it melts underneath the frame and makes a big old mess LOL :D

I tinted my utee with butterscotch alcohol ink (whilst dry powder and waited for the alcohol to evaporate) and melted in my meltpot along with some metal flakes.

I placed my TH ornate frame over a stamp and then poured the utee over it.
Leave it to cool - don't be tempted to touch it because it hurts!!! I can vouch for that (again!!!!)
Then added some perfect pearls and distress stickles :D
I put pearl acrylic paint on the back of the utee to make it shimmer from the front :D

I was inspired to do the ruffle when I watched The Secrets of Moonacre yesterday (which is a lovely family film by the way :D )
The girl on there was wearing a dress with a ruffle type collar and open neck with a pretty necklace on top - I ahd to then go and find something to cut up to make one LOL
The ribbon is 7gypsies (Savanah I think??) and the dangley embellies were on a necklace that came with a vest top I bought from work (Debenhams - Red Herring)

I am still working on the other frame but trying to do it a bit more patiently this time LOL

Hugs'n'vintage snogs,
J xx


  1. Oh wow, amazing work!!!


  2. OOOOoooooooo Julie!!!!!!! I likey much!

    i want one

  3. me likey too....beautifully created

  4. OMG Julie ... I sooooooooo love this, it's beautiful x

  5. Very pretty and unique Julie. I too have been tearing up some of my fabrics to make something! LOL. I had a blast. Very therapeutic. TFS. ~Glen~

  6. With you on the 'waiting' bit - not an easy thing to do.

    LOVE what you've made.



  7. This is just gorgeous! Wowza!

  8. I love this, it is so pretty and vintage looking.

  9. This is soooooo cool, love the ruffle nacklace, it really compliments the piece


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