Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Challenge blog for alterers :D

Alter It Monthly is a new Challenge blog. We know there are a few out there, but many are closing, many are very limiting by insisting on a certain size shape or item and most only give you a week to get your project in. If you are like us, you sometimes like to do a large project over the space of a couple of weeks, so a weekly challenge isn't suitable.
And sometimes its difficult to decide on a project. "what will I make?" you think as you stare at a box full of items waiting to be altered. Having a challenge site suggest an item or a theme might be all you need to get you moving.

So here is a MONTHLY challenge, aimed at altered art enthusiasts of all standards. It doesn't matter if only two people take part in a month, it will be worth seeing your work. if you don't have time to join but have a previous project you would like to share then please do. It will get us all blog visiting and sharing ideas.

and to kick us off, April's theme is Altered matchboxes... To take part simply leave a comment with a link to your matchbox, wherever it is.. (for example a blog or a flickr account... )

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