Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Claudine at work

Claudine Hellmuth was demoing her gorgeous Studio paints at stitches along with her sticky backed canvas.
The paints have a gorgeous creamy consistancy and are translucent. They looked amazing painted over printed papers such as news print, and because they have that translucancy can create beautiful layered effects.
There are only 15 colours in the range but she gave us an easy mixing guide showing 51 different colurs than can be mixed with just two colours and its downloadable here on Claudines website :D
They can be mixed with water to watercolour but still keep their beautiful colours due to the high pigment content.
You can use them on fabric and they will be washable - how amazing is this so far??? :D

The house on the left was Claudines CHA workshop - pretty huh :D
And the project on the right is a photo printed on the sticky canvas, the music paper is also printed on the canvas and has been stitched on to fabric. How cute would that be as a Mothers day project:D

These dresses are photos of Claudines mum printed on to the canvas - they are normally stuffed with padding when hung up but she removed it for putting them on the table :)

She also showed me image transfer using her sticky backed canvas by using a piece of laser printed paper or you could use scrapbook paper (I think you can use magazines and wrapping paper too!!) , but you it won't work with inkjet printers.
The image is stuck face down on the sticky side of the canvas and then burnished with a lolly stick. You then dunk the canvas in water and rub the paper away to reveal the transfered imageObviously because you place it face down you can't use any words but what an amazing effect (thanks for dragging me away from Tim and making me go and look Debbie :D ) If all the paper doesn't come off or you get fed up of rubbing brush some of the Studio gel medium on and the paper will disappear ;)

Its such a shame you didn't get to see her demo on QVC but check out her website and blog for some fab tutorials.

And did you notice the little blue organiser she is using in the first pic??
Its also a water container that collapses so perfect for crafting on the go or for anybody with limited space :D

The flowers in Tims grungepaper wreath also use Claudines gel medium - the printed paper was stuck down with this and then brayered so it was secure. The bonus being its a flexible medium so won't crack when you manipulate the grunge paper.

Check out Moiras HappyDaze shop for all of these fabby products and all Tims stuff too :D

Debbie took loads of notes so I can't wait to hear what she has to say about them :D

Oh and Claudine and many others (including Suze) at the show loved my kilt pin brooch with the buttons etc :D

Tomorrow I will share some of Suze's work :D
Julie xx


  1. Looks like you've got some new techniques to try ;) Thanks for sharing x

  2. it was a great weekend, never mind the blisters!!!the demos were such inspiration, cant belive you missid the "cute little pink bottle" ;o)

    my feet have just about recovered now x


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