Monday, 8 February 2010

Beautiful buttons

Well I made my first pair of button bracelets, one in gorgeous vintage pastels and one in mother of pearl and I love them :D Now they aren't as beautiful as these gorgeous bracelets made by the very talented Leigh :D ( and even better she is making one for me :D )

I also made a kilt pin brooch to go with it, now this I'm really pleased with - its so vintage and pretty :D I can't wait to wear it!!!

I love it so much I have ordered bits and pieces to make a fab Alice in Wonderland themed one :D - watch this space!!!

While doing a spot of blopping this evening I have found a fab sitefor anybody with SCAL - have a looksie here for some fabby sets of SVG's.
And thats not all - have a look at their blog here for loads of fabby freebie files :o

If you fancy having a go at some beautiful hand made rolled flowers check out Rhonnas blog for a fabby tutorial - how gorgeous are they!!!
I wonder if they sell that silk anywhere in the UK???? if anybody knows let me know please :D

Hugs'n'buttoned up snogs
J xx


  1. these are gorgeous!! I can see i'm gonna have to go buy more jump rings as well as wire LOL

  2. These are lovely, well done :D

  3. Love the bracelet I have a green button necklace and everyone comments on it.

    Free silk samples from here:

    Obviously not as awesome as the stuff she peeled off the sheet!!

  4. came to you from the jewellery thread on uks - love your jewellery - really pretty and fab blog!


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