Sunday, 12 July 2009

Two more pages down...

in the epic mini book LOL
I have just finished two pages of my great great grandparents - I'll take photos tomoz I promise :D
The only think now is I'm not sure who the grandma is as my gg grandad remarried LOL I'm going to add that to the journalling though :D

All I have left then is my dads dad page and the inside and back cover, then I need todecide how to bind it :D
I kinda wanted to include a family tree somehow but it's so big its impossible LOL
been trying to trace my great grandads stepbrother today with absolutely no success :( He seems to vanish at 28!! I am guessing his desendants are the Uncle Billy who had a second hand shop in Ribbleton Lane, Preston and his daughter Jane that my mum remembers but can't find anything on any of them :(

Hugs 'n' frustrated snogs,
J xx

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