Monday, 29 June 2009

Phew!!!! thats it for now :D

I've had abit of a splurge getting those pages done as I have had some time off this weekend... Woop woop :D It was meant to be the whole of last week off, then it was going to be from Thursday until the end of nedxt week, but because of work commitments I am back in for 3 days tomorrow :(

BUT we are going camping next weekend :D
We thought about going this weekend but Paul has been on call, good job we didn't as he has been in all weekend!!
I'm making major headway with my ancestry researching!! :o I joined ( half price deal until tomorrow ;) ) and posted what I was researching, and a lovely lady has found out loads for me. It seems my Great grandad remarried, which I did suspect because my mum keeps mentioning Uncles that just aren't there.
I have given up on the Andertons for now ( my GG Grandma ) as its just too flippin confusing LOL
BUT the Steeles.... mum has told me a story for years how her Great Grandad came from Scotland and was in the Orange Lodge and was disowned by his family for marrying an irish catholic.
I haven't found any eveidence so far however the "e" has a hanit of coming and going on the end, and I learned last night that the "e" signifies recusant families - I had to look this up and it means they were probably catholics ;)
AND the funny part..... the lovely Rosemary dug deep in to Jeremiah ( my GGG grandad) who I couldn't found anddiscovered a definite link to ..... wait for it ........ Cumberland..... not only Cumberland but........ Workington LOL so I have come full circle LOL
At least checking records will be possible now LOL
But how weird is that? we moved here from Preston 38 years ago because my dads job was relocated and my roots are here waiting for me LOL
Most seem to be in St Bees, Gosforth and Haille (?) but even Ennerdale was mentioned... I wonder if thats why I love it so much?

Ok, that was a mega long ramble so going for now LOL
I will put some pooch pics up later that we took at Loweswater on Friday :D
I'm going to tackle my weed ridden pots outside - quite scared because I know they are full of spiders ...... eeeeekkk!!!! LOL

Hugs and (hopefully) spider free snogs,
Julie xx

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