Sunday, 14 June 2009

New page

Evening all :D

This is my latest page in my mini book :D The lovel Cal is kindly sending me a propeller to add to thepage :D

This is my dads older brother Tony, who died when I was about 7.
I remember him being really lovely, smoking a pipe, and going fishing with my dad :D he had a golden retriever and painted watercolours (I must remember to ask dad if I could have his paint set as my dad no longer uses them).

I haven't many pics of my dads side as his mum and dad died when he was young and they were evacuated from Poland to South Africa.
But my mum definitely has some of him and my Auntie Connie which I plant to put with the postcard on this page ( it slides in behind the photo :D)

Been very busy catching up on HW today :o so pretty pooped now!!

Hugs'n' less dusty snogs :D
Julie xx


  1. Saw this in your UKS gallery Julie and I think it is fab. This will be such a lovely book of memories for you to treasure.

    Toni :o)

  2. This is gorgeous.I enjoy your style and your good sense of humour so I decided to visit your blog, I'm hooked.


Thank you for your comment :D I really appreciate them all as it lets me know I'm not really talking to myself LOL :D
I enjoy reading them too ;-)