Monday, 17 June 2013

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow???

Well my name isn't Mary, and I may be quite contrary (my Mum defo says I am!! ) but I don't have a garden :-(

I do however have a long narrow I created myself a Yarden :D
I have been rather stressed of late and have found creating my own little space very relaxing...I have made it so there is only room for one chair LOL :D

So I couldn't have anything boring when it was somewhere I wanted to chillax, it had to be me....and this is soooooooo me :D
I don't have silver bells and cockle shells, I have blue ribbons and pink buttons, and a bit of bling for good measure LOL :D

Ok so here is my tea party inspired yarden ...

Purdey huh :D
And my ribbons and bunting not only look pretty they keep the birds away...that's what I tell myself anyway :D
My niece said to me "but your bunting will get wet...", I really don't mind, I can't wait until it all looks weathered and aged :D

Now for a tale of woe :-(

I was so happy with the way my beautiful forget-me-nots that I bought in some totally bargain bin sale/dying packs from B&Q had settled in and bloomed :D Just the perfect thing for my vintage style :D

Then I got up a few days later to find them like this....
Both plants were the same and in different places!!!

I was baffled...had somebody been in my Yarden and cut all my pretty blooms off?
Was it the birds?
Had an animal paid me a visit and scoffed them??

Well... I needed to look a little bit closer to home.... after doing a bit of Gillian Mckeith style investigation I discovered the culprits were my naughty pooches!!!

When I took this picture I thought Ollie was admiring my progress.... nooooooo... he was checking what he and Rolo were going to have for supper !!!
Naughty pooches!!! :-(

I now have some spray to try and deter them and sprinkle the plants with pepper to try and keep them munching my pretties!!
If you have any tips please share :D


Julie xx

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