Saturday, 19 June 2010

raffle time....

I am going to raffle off my first design team piece for Bubbly Scrumptious in aid of hospice at home. I didn't quite make the tartget so thought this might bump up the total for a worth cause :D

If you would like achance of winning this piece please make a £1 donation per entry to this just giving site and leave me a comment on this post :D
(unfortunately though the minimum donation is £2 which I hadn't realised, but that will give you two entries in to the raffle -Apologies for any confusion, I'm new to this just giving business LOL )

closing date midnight 30/6/10

Good luck everyone :D
Julie xx


  1. Does my donation from before count ? lol... I WANT THE BIRD HOUSE hehehe....

  2. nope LOL - That was a donation LOL :D

  3. TUT ( I bet you knew id say that LOL ) thankfully i get paid again before your closing date...

  4. £2 donated, since I'm skint! Didn't spot this before or I'd have put something in before. But since you've offered such a pretty piece, I'll put my pennies there! *lol*

  5. Nope I didn't see it before either but will go donate now. I just know a certain DD would go bonkers for this!

  6. Did it in OH's name so you could claim the Gift Aid :P Really well done on hitting your target that's a fab amount!

  7. Donated again .. £2 ... do i get two entries LOL
    well done in hitting the target julie.. a hospice is a wonderful worth while charity to support.

  8. You do Indeed Zuzu :D
    sorry for the confusion - I didn't realise it was £2 minimum donation!!!


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