Sunday, 17 January 2010

Special delivery.....

....OMG look at my beautiful cake :D

My lovely friend Karen has made this for me and just dropped it off :D
Its all different flavours, I vaguely remember her mentioning lemon, raspberry and ginger but not sure where LOL

I was too busy staring at the pretty sparkliness of it all :D

Oh I wish it was Tuesday LOL - who would have thought I would be wishing I was 40 LOL

How lucky am I to have such a talented and kind friend :D

Hugs'n'sparkly snogs,
Julie xx

edited to add the top tier is lemon, bottom vanilla and 4 types of muffins - Raspberry swirl, choc and ginger, caramel mudslide and lemon cream cheese!!! Imight be a stone heavier when I go back to work next week LOL hope nobody is expecting me to share LOL


  1. Amei tudo por aqui!
    feliz 2010!

  2. Gorgeous cake, how do you share?!!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Fantastic cake Julie - I wouldnt share it either. Have a great birthday


  4. Happy Birthday! What a sweet gift
    :D Diana, The Studio

  5. WOW that cake is gorgeous!! It sounds delicious too!!!
    I am off to pop a link to your blog to all my scrapping friends that like to bake!

  6. What a work of art - shame to eat it really.

  7. WOW this is fabulous, enjoy and Happy Birthday for Tuesday. I wish I had a talented cake-making friend :0)

  8. Wow stunning cake....I wish I'd had one like that...enjoy your 40th and remember it all starts now!!!

  9. WOW! That is some cake Julie. How kind of your friend Karen. She must have a lot of patience to decorate such a creation. Happy belated 40th birthday wishes. TFS. ~Glen~

  10. Wow that is a cake and a half......perhaps I should bite the bullet and make my DH 40th cake next month!!


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I enjoy reading them too ;-)