Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wirework Dragonfly....or is it????

is it really a wirework dragonfly???
Do you really think I got THAT good in just a few weeks??? LOL

Nooooooooooooooo - well would you believe it started as a crochet motif I bought from the auction site a while ago and it was white cotton?
Why does it look like silver wire??? Swellegant!

Christi Friesen's awesome metal paint transformed my pretty crochet piece in to an even more awesome addition to my wirework pendant!!

I added peridot chips and wire both from jewellery maker which is also a UK stockist of the swellegant products :D

I gave it all a coating of charcoal dyeoxide to tone down the brightness of the wire :D

Christi, I hope you love it too :D

I am working on a much bigger piece but just had to share this in the meantime :D
hugs'n'swellegant snogs,
Julie xx

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