Sunday, 19 June 2011


.............for my absence :-(

Firstly I went to see Take That on the 7th of June and just couldn't even think about crafting after that..............I was just still too excited LOL :D
I will share some pics with you at some point I promise!!!

Then secondly I went for an op on my throat earlier this week and it has wiped me out :-(
I have never felt pain like this and can't wait for it to go away again!!
I have had my tonsils removed, the sides at the back of my mouth trimmed and an dangley-bit-ectomy (the uvula I think its called!!!)

I have loads of projects in my head but don't have the patience or energy to even start them right now.

Hopefully things will start to settle down soon so that I can at least stay awake long enough to play :D

Hugs'n'air kisses this week - to delicate for snogs sorry!!!
Julie xx


  1. Get well soon, I had mine out as an adult and was rough for a while. Glad you enjoyed the concert..... Get those Ideas into a notebook Julie, or when it comes to it your mind will be blank like mine lol

  2. Glad you had a fab time seeing Take That (I'm am so green with envy LOL). Look forward to seeing the pics when you feel up to posting.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough since your op - hope you are on the mend soon (((hugs)))

    Toni xx

  3. Here's hoping you will feel better very soon Julie. There will be lots of time to do crafting. Just rest up for now and let your body relax. ~Glen~

  4. Do hope you recover quickly Julie.

  5. Sure hope you feel better soon! Popsicles and ice cream in the meantime! We miss you and we'll see you next month on The Altered Alice!

  6. Hope you're feeling better now. I had my tonsils out about 3 years ago and it was definitely worth it, so much better with out them. Off to see TT on Friday for the fifth time, yippee.


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