Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas Domino Jewellery ideas


Hey everyone, are you stuck for ideas for those little Christmas gifts??? How about teachers presents or stocking fillers???

Altered dominoes work out really reasonable, especially if you manage to find some in charity shops, the auction site or bargain shops.

I created these ones for this weeks Bubbly Scrumptious post :D

First I select the design from the patterned paper and cut to the size of the domino, then glue down with the glossy accents.

I use an emery board to soften the edges, then coloured the edges of the domino with inka gold.

I drilled the holes ready for the necklace findings but if you don't have a drill you can buy stick on bales or even glue a bead on to the top with a strong glue (epoxy works best or a glue gun).

I added two coats of glossy accents - don't be tempted to put it on too thick as it will never dry and will remain cloudy.

While its wet sprinkle in glitter of your choice - I really love the effect of the clear one on this set as it seems to give a textured effect like crystals :D


You can also add charms, buttons or any other embellies you like while the glossy accents is wet.

Once your happy with the finish you can start adding your jewellery findings - you can pick these up cheaply on the auction site in small quantities.

I coloured my charms with inka gold applied with a paint brush and when dry buffed it with a tissue.


Heres a few more example to inspire you :D


Hope you like them,


Julie xx


  1. they are gorgeous as ever Julie!! I LOVE the 'Let it Snow'--might HAVE to make one for my tote :D

  2. I Love these Julie...had a mess around with some before summer and they are one of my 'to do' things for the Etsy shop after christmas...brain is too fuddled to be coming up with anything new before then...he he....xx

  3. Julie, these are fab but I think the first one is my fave.

    Toni :o)

  4. i love every one but especially the vintage santas and the last one x

  5. Oooo these are gorgeous your friends are very lucky x


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