Thursday, 14 October 2010

Break through with your old bras....

October is Breast cancer awareness month and as you already know I was asked to teach at the Golborne Scrappers Pink Booby 5 crop in aid of Breast Cancer Research.

User40884_pic21866_1272496213It was a fabulous event and very well organised by a voluntary committee of 5 people - Dawn Cheshire, Rachel Taylor, Ally Whittaker, Sonja Broad and Leanne Weaver, pictured below

66683_487066085970_540245970_7566008_5730887_nThe total figure raised has yet to be announced but a little bird tells me its the most money they have raised so far!!!

I taught an altered domino necklace class at 1 am!!!!

Yes, I managed to stay awake, but not for thefull 24 hours - I gave in at about 3.30 am LOL :D

As part of the event the ladies asked everyone to donate old bras, in any condition to be collected by the local Soroptimist group.

Depending on the condition of the bra decides its destination - some are sent direct to Africa, some are recycled and the really bad ones are taken apart by the ladies in Africa to create their own bras.

‎215 bras collected ... 12.5 kg weight ... filled ONE complete recycling bag and a layer on the 2nd bag. The bras are destined for African ladies eventually and they are guaranteed complete safety from rape. When the ladies are wearing a ...bra, it means they are being "looked after" and cannot be "touched"
You may see bra banks in your local community, in shops or public meeting places. I know for definite there is one in Debenhams and I have seen one in my local gym.
Please support them by taking your unwanted bras in any condition as they will all be put to good use
We all know somebody or have been affected yourself by breast cancer so please give generously and support your local events to raise money for this very worthy cause.
I was very proud to be asked to support this and hopefully helped to raise lots of funds.
Heres a few more pics for you :D

Mrs Cheshire taking register LOL

Half of the hall with lots of busy peeps

The pink ladies hard at work

me teaching in my PJ's :D

An impromptu gurning compI think Leanie wins this one!!!!!

Hugs'n'snogs,Julie xx


  1. Well done Julie, looks like everyone had a great time and for such a worthy cause too.

    Toni :o)

  2. OMG - can't believe you psted my gurn - coincidence that your PJs pic is missing? LOL

  3. so glad that the duck is in :)
    i am so dumb i forgot to take photo's - it was your wonderful class that put it out of my mind!
    It was a great weekend -so inspirational

  4. Hi Julie, well, what a lovely blog you have. I love the demo with the utee and alcohol inks on the various shapes, excellent idea.

    Beth xx

  5. Brilliant post and so informative. Looks like you all had so much fun. I never knew that about the bras or have seen any collection points but I'll definitely look out for them now.

  6. Yeah - where's the PJ shot - if you can post me looking gormless and Leane gurning we want to see the cheeky monkeys!

  7. Hi Julie! Was great to meet you at the Pink Booby Crop! Pics are fab and I can even see myself in one of them!

  8. What a fantastic thing to do - I never realised you could recycle your bras! A totally fabulous project, and one I will keep in mind for the future.


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