Monday, 3 May 2010

Can you guess....

what this started life as????

Well, long before it was bashed with my hammer,drilled and inked it used to be a spoon!!!!
I have to tell you its very therapeutic bashing the life out of metal LOL :D

I stamped the word "HOPE" with my metal punches,inked it,stamped it, added some distress embossing powders and distress stickles, then gave it a couple of coats of utee :D
Added a few embellies and Bobs your uncle :D

Wish I had bought the other set of spoons from the carboot yesterday now LOL :D

I will certainly be stalking the charity shops now LOL

Hugs'n'shiney snogs,
Julie xx


  1. ohhh. I likey this Muchly Julie.I might have to take up this therepy.

  2. Nice!!!!!!! (with 7 exclamation marks) i love the altered cutlery thing (as you know lol) good job Julie..
    are you aware your blog info has under "interests"... might have to add altered art to that soon lol ;)

  3. fabulous, I wonder what I have released taking you to see Sir Tim!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Love the colours!

  5. I love it! Showed my OH and he's run off to hide all the spoons, 'just in case' apparently...

  6. Wish I had bought spoons instead of pastry folks too! lol this is really good I wil have to have a look for the metal letter punches things where do you get them from I remember using these in metal work as a kid

    love Dawn xx

  7. That looks fabulouse Julie. Suzy x

  8. ooo more lushness, lol @ hubby, what on earth will you alter next lol .... love the textures and colours to this piece x

  9. Now that's cool! I'll bet the bashing was thereputic, maybe you could do a relaxation class with them! *lol* Great textures to it :)

  10. Ahhh...does someone have an artistic high now or what!

  11. Oh me likes a lot... lol - you may start giving Tim new ideas for altered items to sell and then all of a sudden the price of vintage spoons will go up! :)
    You are very talented... put me to shame!

  12. Super spoon.. i see your another that got carried away with this months AIM challenge, i've made 3 so far lol

  13. Oooh very prettiful. Sounds like you had fun "distressing" the spoon lol


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