Saturday 7 September 2019

Sleepy moongirl...

Ooooo I’ve been a little bit busy with my artwork since my last post, but i’ll start with this little moongirl

When I got back in to crafting last year I watched some demos and treated myself to a second hand gelliplate... when it arrived I just didn’t really know what to do with it so it sat in a drawer for quite some time.

Then I did an online Jane Davenport workshop and realised you could use far more than acrylic paint on them... in fact you can use pretty much anything on them including mica powders.

So I had a play, and added Jane Davenport Mineral eyes palette pastels to my plate through the lovely Paige Taylor Evans star stencil using a sponge (pounced on to get plenty of powder).
Then I brayered very light layers of acrylic paint.
The reveal is like magic, you never quite know what you will lift off, especially if you don’t clean it like me lol.
The really fab thing is the colour of the mica seems to intensify and the acrylic locks it in.

The image was hand drawn by myself and coloured using Jane Davenport colorsticks, then outlined with uniball pinliners 
The stars are JD die cuts.

If you haven’t tried gelliplates I highly recommend getting one and giving it a try, its so much fun. 

Thursday 4 July 2019

Crafty little Minx - Jane Davenport making faces workshop...

Today I combined my love of creating backgrounds with stamps, stencils, acrylic paints and my brayer with the Jane Davenport girls.

I started by stamping ad stencilling all over a blank page with archival inks in grey and pink , then brayered over the  acrylic paints in pink, white and red, then added touches of yellow.
While the paint was still damp I lifted some off through the stencils with a babywipe.

I added some more stamped inages but thought about where I was going to add my girl before stamping.

I stencilled the outline of the girl and gessoed her face back to white

I decided to do the hair first this time with the JD  Colorsticks and my LTQ pen.

The face was coloured with Birthday Suit and Lit up pastels.
 I added added detail with a black fineliner then added washi tape details 💗

My crafty minx is going on my craft room wall to remind me to get started 😊💗

J xx

The page that got away... almost!!!

The page that got away has found its purpose 😊

So it was already painted green and totally dry seeing as it has sat under a pile of clutter on my desk since feb lol.

I had lots of chipboard shapes and left over bits from my art journal kit so I started by sticking all but the butterfly down and painted them the same colour.

I then glued on lots of little glass beads, microbeads and some gems i found in my stash and gave the whole thing a blitz with picket fence distress spray.

It was all sprinkled with 13arts rainbow colours and misted... be very sparing with these.... that pigment is super strong and comes through other layers lol...
To knock it back again i added more distress spray and heat dried it so it stopped wicking.

The butterfly was painted with pink acrylic paint and I dug out a really old tub of TH crackle paint... well it’s more like paste now its that old!!!

When it was dry I added a little bit more colour with my inktense pencils, added some shadows with a bit of black soot distress ink and my waterbrush, and highlighted some of the edges with my white posca.

The body of the butterfly isa pencil from that well known Swedish home decor place .
When everything was dry I added a touch of rock candy distress stickles (do they still make this??? Its my absolute fave and my bottle is nearly empty!!!)
And finished off with a splash of white posca pen.

Not bad for left overs eh lol 😊

J xx

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Making faces with Jane Davenport - Mix it up!

So todays lesson was mixing up the mediums you work with on one project.
So this girls hair and the background were painted with my old watercolour set I bought back in the early 90’s lol.

I used one of Jane’s stencils for the basic outline of the face using a fine liner.
I used a large flat brush over two of the pans to create the swirly hair.
Then lightly coloured her face using the JD pastels.

I went over the black lines around the face and lips with my white JD paintover pen
The lips are JD dramas-ticks

I added detail with a black fineliner and added the stamped flowers from one of Janes sets.
I’m loving these making faces classes... I just want to play all day lol

Ohhh I wanted to share a couple more pics of my green haired girls hair because you can’t see the shimmer on my pics!!!

J xx

Monday 1 July 2019

Making faces with Jane Davenport...

So I signed up to the FREE Making Faces class on Jane Davenport’s website... i’m now hooked!!!
I started with some stencils I bought with my birthday money back in January with the Licence to Quill pen, and my really old Pebbles inc. chalks... and its fair to say I was pretty pleased with the results!!!

But It made me want the proper Birthday Suit Pastel Palette... omg... what a difference!!! They are so creamy and rich, and really easy to use... they arrived this morning, so today I created Alice.

Then I thought I would have a go with acrylic paints ... I don’t have the JD set so used some of my own I had from Hobbycraft.
I then added the JD pastels on top 💚🧜🏻‍♀️💙

Love how she turned out
I used Aall & create stamps and stencils on both backgrounds - the blue one was one I dud ages ago when I first got the stencils so used The JD stencil over the top to create the face.

I’m entering my mermaid girl in the countryview crafts blog chalenge for July which is the theme of Blue and green... I think fits the bill 💙💚😊
Check out the challenge here
Oh my this is addictive lol 🤣🤣🤣
I haven’t been brave enough to work on my specially created journal yet becausr I don’t want to ruin it practising!!!

If you haven’t looked at her work I seriously recommend you have a look, as she is so inspirational!!

J xx

Monday 24 June 2019

Bloom - JJAMMA challenge

I decided to have a go at JJAMMA challenge tonight - Back to Basics
1 stamp
1 stencil,
1 medium
3 colours + black & whit
and an unexpected item

I picked a lime green and very pale lilac acrylic paint and lemon 13arts rainbow color pigment, 13arts stencil, Aall &create stamp, texture paste as my medium, and a 13arts chipboard  word as my unexpected item.

Lots of brayered, stamped and stencilled layers and I achieved this result...

I felt it was lacking something after I had posted it so added some glossy accents and glass bubbles.

I looked at it for a while and still didn’t feel happy so i added some pink rainbow colour and a splash more posca white... love it now ðŸ˜Š

i should have picked a stronger colour than the lilac to begin with ... but I love it now 😊

J x

Sunday 23 June 2019

My Epic Art Journal for Bubbly Funk - the Endgame...

So here I am with the finished piece... Warning this is very picture heavy!!!

Binding it all together was the biggest challenge for me... as I said at the start i’m not a journaller or a mini book maker to be honest so I had to have a think.
I thought about book rings - which would have been good if I wanted to add extra pages later ( which I did consider).
My next option was going to be seam binding and wool... but I don’t know where mine is!!
But I found these suede cords I bought from Jewellery Maker a long long time ago and thought they would be perfect.

I played around with this for a while trying to get the pages to be as stable but moveable as possible ...I tried buttons between the pages but that didn’t work... adding additional knotted pieces seemed to do the trick though ðŸ˜Š

To finish off I just added a few more knotted pieces in the co-ordinating colours.

I’m super proud of this project and I apologise now if it appears many times over on social media lol.

Thank you so much Caroline for sending me these to play with and huge apologies for how long it took me to do them  justice.

Let me know what you think... and also any suggestions for a permanent black inkpad will be gratefully received ðŸ˜Š
Hugs and snogs,

J xx 

P.S.... this is the page that got away!!!! i found it underneath everything when I was clearing up the afternath lol