Monday, 31 August 2009

Super soggy weekend!!!!

But what a laugh :D

Our tent thankfully survived the rain and all I can say is bravo!!
I now have piles of muddy soggy clothes to sort and a very wet tent to try and dry out!!
The festival was fab though and really enjoyed the music :D faves were Nerina Pallot (who dressed as a bunny :D),the Charlatans, Kula Shaker, Ade Edmundson and the Bad shephards, and the lancashire hotpots :D
But where was the toastie stall and the brandy hot choc stall :o I missed you!!! LOL :D
I hardly took any photos again!!! but stole these from my friends FB uploads tee hee :D

AND a lot of people had a good giggle at my pants :D

Hugs'n'soggy snogs,
J xx
edited to add BBC pics :D (which thankfully i'm not on!!!)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ok, just for my blog friends...

.... because I know you won't tell....

LOL how funny are those pants :D

Thanks sooooo much to Sharon aka CraftyPants for the inspiration :D

Please tell me its obvious what they are??? I don't want to spend all day explaining my outfit!!!!

Shhhhhhh its a secret ;)

J xx

edited to add my other inspiration :D

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Smarty pants in da house :D!!!

I'm dying to show you my creation but really don't want anybody to see them yet and lose the impact!!
I have to say my Big Daddyesque briefs are something to behold LOL
They look extremely fetching with the braces and I'm sure will look even funnier withmy wellies on :D

My poor hands have suffered though - fleece is pretty hard to sew believe it or not and I did them all by hand - why? I have no idea LOL :D

Solfest here we come :D
Hugs'n'pretty darn smart snogs,
J xx

Did I tell you I love Prima???

and just spotted this give away I love love love the pearl swirls :D

J xx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Remember what the birdcage necklace looked like????

Well look at it now LOL

I gave it a little makeover with the help of alcohol inks, an earring and lots of beads :D

This is its former life - pretty but not pretty enough :D

I still have another one though in case I want the simple look :D or I might use it on a page :D

J xx

Julie has just made some interesting purchases

...... a coolbox..... a flagpole and spike.....and a rather large bubba keg insulated mug in PINK!!!!
Solfest here we come LOL
I am trying my best to convince my hubby that we should forgoe (sp??) our planned fancy dress costumes for Saturday and that the wise choice would be to all wear a pop up tent and go as a campsite LOL :D

Spent this afternoon walking round Keswick trying to purchase needed items and failing miserably and OMG it was busy!
Its lovely living next to the lakes, but its no easier visiting them LOL

Oooooo X-factor started tonight!!!

Thought this guy was fab!!! they didn't make teachers like that when I was at school!!!! (sorry Mr. Gafney, we all still love you :D)

Nighty night,
J xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


yet another blog giveaway here, check it out!!! all you need to do is leave a comment and post a link on your blog :D

mmmmm all that yummy Kaiser AND a dreamkutz :o

J xx

I managed!!!

to find an on trend outfit :D

Anne - in answer to your question I'm a visual superviser in Debenhams :D I dress windows, mannequins, create lifestyle hotspots and sooooo much more :D

Tomorrow we have a centre of excellence visit to the Metro centre :D
It seems I'm quite lucky in the amount of time I had to prepare, most peeps only found out today if at all :o

I bought some lovely blue shoes/boots just bands upon bands upon bands - I love em :D
and a long grey a line vest withy pockets, that I will wear with my dark grey skinnys, with a black vest undernath the topand a studded belt - quite shockingly not as long as I wanted it to be (need to lose weight!!) and a gorgeous bright blue patent bag from Next :D will wear my biker style jacket and a coiple of chunky bracelets :D now if only I was a size 10 and 5" taller it would look fab LOL (oh and a pair of pumps in my bag for when my feet hurt LOL

Toni, the way I read it yes my manager should be wearing the trends - can't wait to see this one LOL

Got a text from my sis today to say my niece is in labour YEYYY - she is ready for it bless her :)

Hugs'n' slightly trendy snogs ,
J xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What are men like!!!

I have to go on a business trip with my boss on Thursday to another store, now please bare in mind it has been plannned for at least a month.
My boss forwarded the invite to me yesterday after I finished work AND it tells me the dress code is Autumn/Winter trends!!!! I hadn't even seen the dvd until I pinched it and watched it at home tonight!!!

I have now come up with a plan for an outfit - but only a man could send you important info like that, that gives you two days to sort an outfit!!!

..... is wondering if there is anywhere in our ickle town that might just sell really long studded belts???? hmmm think I might be out of luck LOL

Hugs'n'trendy biker chic snogs

J xx

Monday, 17 August 2009

Scrap like I meant it again :D

My baby niece Jess, for the SLYMI challenge on UKS :D
I bought the cutest little Matthew Williamson baby t-shirt from work for £3 and cut out all the cutie felt and embroidered embellies :D
What a cutie patootie eh :D

Oh and my good deed paid off :D I won a Clarins facial in the raffle at work :D I was going to put it back in but was persuaded that I deserved it after all my hard work :D

Hard to believe that the subjects of my latest LO's are sisters isn't it LOL
Hugs'n'pwitty snogs,
Julie xx

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Scrapped like I meant it :D

Just done Shimelles week 32's challenge on UKS (ok a bit of a cheat as I was thinking of doing this anyway LOL)
This is my beautiful niece who is acting up a bit at the mo and has just dyed her hair purple - is it wrong that I love it ???? LOL

J xx

Saw this young lady ....

performing last night and she was pretty darn awesome :D Think this 16 year old could go an awfully long way :D The fact that her dad is the famous chef Jean Cristophe Novelli won't hurt either LOL

J xx

Saturday, 15 August 2009

OMG...never gonna give you up...

.... why didn't I marry Rick Astley????? I'm sure he has been cryogenically frozen :o he looks just the same - can't ever show you though coz the battery on my phone gave up just as he came on :(

The only one that wasn't awesome was the guy from Curisoity killed the cat, he looked fab, but wasn't that good :( Belinda sounded amazing, but was dressed shocking, sack the stylist!!!
Toyah was awesome and best bit - sand sweet child of mine. Johnny hates Jazz - Fab but to hear Midge Ure singing Vienna and If I was, was top class :D And then there was Mr Young!!! mmmm a little bit more like somebody his age should - but top notch :D

What an awesome night!!!!
Thanks all you retro dudes and dudettes :D

J xx

Friday, 14 August 2009


..... congratulations to my lovely, incredibly talented friend Rebekah for making it on to the IM design team :D it's well deserved and I can't wait to see even more of your work :D check her out here :D

secondly - check this out, how gorgeous is that mom frame!!!! I really feel the need to make something like that :D

I'm getting really excited about tomorrow night, but am hoping and wishing and praying that the weather dries up!!! it's chucked it down all day :(
The line up for tomorrow is Belinda Carlisle, Toyah, Paul Young, Midge Ure, Johnny Hates Jazz, Curiosity killed the Cat and Rick Astley ..... OMG :D ....never gonna give you up....... LOL

I'm doing a good deed tomorrow, I volunteered to go in to work tomoz and sell raffle tickets in aid of the special care baby unit :) Gonna get my face painted too :D - I just hope they don't use spray paint like on Pheonix nights LOL

Hugs'n'retro snogs,

Julie xx

Edited to add pics of me with Disco Dinosaur and friends :D and me and Nicola :D

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I'm so narked!!!!

nothing to do with scrapping though!! LOL

I am a member of a camping forum and the inverted snobbery is beyond a joke!
There is a big hoohaa about people using windbreaks - because it creates barracades, isn't pleasing to the eye, and acts as a claimingof territory tool.
Utter tosh!we have a windbreak and use it to 1. keep the wind out 2. shelter the cooker 3. offer some privacy at times.

This was my post :D

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sociable camper and love interacting with other campers, but sometimes you need some time to yourself.
We camped once and got talking to a couple, whilst our burgers where on the BBQ, by the time we had finished we had charcoal for tea.

This weekend we were opposite a first time camper on his own. We had no issue with him coming to chat, playing with the dog, sitting with us in the evening AND we had a windbreak up!!! many people came to visit the dog, people admired the windbreak, I even picked a little girl up when she fell off her bike and walked her back to her tent.

The guy we met was a londoner and he couldn't believe how friendly and helpful everybody was.

We don't tell anybody else how to camp, why should you?

You wouldn't go to somebodys hotel room and tell them off for not unpacking, or leaving the loo seat up! Everybody has a right to enjoy their holiday as they want to and nobody has a right to tell them what to do if they are in their alloted space unless its the site owner.

oopsie - when is my ban coming LOL

hugs'n'narky snogs


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

didn't make it :(

Well I got a lovely e-mail from Steph at Indigo Mills today telling me that unfortunately I didn't make the design team :(

I didn't think I would get on, but if I hadn't tried I definitely wouldn't LOL

Hey ho, no worries :)

I am off to an 80's concert at the weekend with Belinda Carlisle, Paul Young, Midge Ure and lots of other faves with my girly friends :D - can't wait :D

Hugs'n'electric blue snogs,

J xx

Monday, 10 August 2009

Ooooo gorgeous RAK up for grabs...

.. on Ingvilds beautiful blog

If I could copy anybodys style I would pick this very talented ladys!!
Good luck everyone :D

J xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Happy Campers???

or just tired campers??? LOL
It is really tiring camping - not sure if its the effort of putting everything up/down and in/out of the car, the fresh air, the early mornings, or the nudges I get in the night to stop me snoring LOL :D

Had a really nice weekend though, apart from a bit of a disasterous trip in to Whitehaven on Saturday to their festival day - the dog hated the whole thing, most of all the train!!! The train there was late then got stuck for 4o mins because there was a problem with the door, then 30 mins late coming back!! We were frozen solid when we got back to the site!!!
Never mind, hot choc and cookies warmed me through :D

Hardly took any pics this time either :o just some shots of the fly over at the festival, and a bird at the campsite LOL - haven't put them on the PC yet so no idea if they are any good yet.

Hugs'n'extremely pooped snogs,
J xx

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Here's a LO on my pwitty butterfly pics :D
I went out this morning and it was coverfed again - you seriously have to get one of the plants if you want pretty visitors :D
I was meant to be at work until at least midnight tonight as we have been stock taking - was home for 9.30 :D
I'm a happy bunny :D


Julie xx

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Can you tell what it is yet???

A-boom-um-ch-wow-boom-cha-cha wow

Sorry, bit of a Rolf Harris moment there LOL

My latest creation, its a kinda abstract tree like thingey created from WRMK Nonsense papers :D

A bit different to anything I have worked on lately but it felt quite fresh :D

J xx

A rare sight....

Ok, ok I know they aren't rare butterflies, but they darn tootley too are in my little yard LOL
I bought this plant which is known as a butterfly plant about 5/6 years ago and it has grown verrrryyyy tall!!! But it has never had this many flowers on it!
I went out to the bin this afternoon and it had loads of butterflies, just sitting there, chillin :D
So of course I had to run in and get the camera LOL

Can I just say, its flippin hard to take close up macro photos of flittery butterflies on a windy day :o LOL

J xx